9 Tips to Care for Mink Lashes

  • October 17, 2022
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9 Tips to Care for Mink Lashes

Nowadays, false lashes are used to enhance your real ones and make you look beautiful. It is easy to apply them with the help of glue. You can reuse them if you keep them with care. But it is relatively challenging to take care of them. The mink lashes are delicate, soft, and weightless. You can wear it at least 25 times, but it is possible only when you maintain it. There are plenty of ways through which you can care for your lashes.

You can shop from a mink lashes manufacturer and get high-quality lashes for your eyes. In the following write-up, we will discuss various tips to take care of mink lashes. When you maintain your false lashes, you can save a lot of money by not purchasing another pair. The delicate hair must stay in the same manner to make it last for a long time. Let us go through some useful tips.

1.  Handle it Gently

You should handle a pair of lashes with extra care. You can use specific tools to pick up the lash and place it on your eyelid. Never tug or pull your lashes from your eyelid because it can damage the hair and its shape.

You can use makeup brushes for the application and finishing process. Whenever you apply it again, you will not get the same appearance like it was for the first time. When you want to remove the lashes safely, you can use cotton and water. Dip a cotton ball in water and gently rub the cotton ball and loosen the glue. 

2.  Clean Your Lashes Occasionally

When you use your lashes repeatedly, the glue slowly builds up. It is necessary to remove the glue, but it does not mean that you do it every time. Make sure that you clean your lashes occasionally by peeling them gently. Remember that you do not need to tug or pull the band. You must wear them at least three to four times and then clean them. 

3.  Never Soak Your Mink Eyelashes

If you think that you can clean your eyelashes by soaking them in water or other liquid, you should stop doing it. There is no need to dip your false lashes in any solution like water, alcohol, makeup remover, etc.

If you want to clean the glue, you should peel it off with your fingertips. You can also use a water-dipped cotton ball for removing glue and other makeup. When you see that the glue is loosened, remove it gently. Check out the professional henna brow kit. It contains a set of powder colors to decorate and lengthen your eyebrows. You can even use your normal makeup remover to remove the leftover color.

4.  Keep Your Eyelashes in the Packaging

When you buy a pair of false eyelashes, you get in a good packaging. It keeps the delicate hair soft and smooth. Whenever you use it, you can keep it back in your eyelash packaging. In this way, you can enhance its lifespan and use it more times.

There will be no damage to its hair, and it will look the same like it is new. Always keep the packaging with you and keep the lashes whenever you are not using it. If you want to maintain it, then its storage plays a crucial role.

5.  Apply the Mascara Carefully

It is necessary not to apply the mascara on your false eyelashes because it can damage the fur severely. You can buy types of false eyelashes of your choice. But the application process of mascara remains the same for all.

It is necessary to apply the mascara on your real eyelashes and then on the false ones. But before that, keep the first coating untouched for some time. Dry it before you apply the second coat.

6.  Invest Your Money in a Good Pair of Eyelashes

There are plenty of brands that sell different types of eyelashes in different ranges. It is necessary to invest your money in a good product. If you buy an expensive and high-quality product, then you can wear it more than once.

In the case of cheap and low-quality products, they will not last much and you can wear them only once. Hence, you have to buy another pair again. It is a massive wastage of money that everyone should avoid.

7.  Trim the Extra Length of the Eyelashes

The false eyelashes are available a full length. It is necessary to trim the extra length before you apply it to your eyelids. If you do not cut the length, then it will look bigger than your eyes. The extra part will not look good, and you will keep smudging your eyes all the time. Therefore, make sure that you cut the extra length of your eyelashes.

8.  Never Apply Too Much of Glue

It is necessary to apply a limited amount of glue to the eyelashes. Extra glue will stick on it, and later, it will be hard to remove it. The maintenance process of those eyelashes will also become challenging. Apply a thin layer of glue and gently keep the lashes on your eyelids. You have to do this process carefully to avoid any damage to your real lashes. There is a possibility that too much glue can stick to your real lashes, and it can hurt you as well.

9.  Spend Enough Time to Handle it

You must never rush while handling or taking care of your mink eyelashes. You must have plenty of time when you apply it or store it after use. Sometimes, when we are in a rush, we keep it in an open space, and later, the hair gets damaged. 

The Bottom Line

It is necessary to follow all the mentioned tips to take care of false eyelashes very well. It is a delicate thing to enhance your beauty. Like other makeup stuff like brushes, blush, eyeliners, foundation, etc., you should keep your mink lashes with care.

You can wear the expensive ones more than once. It is easy to save your money by not purchasing extra pairs of false eyelashes. You can maintain them carefully and use them more than once on different occasions.

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