Casino Tricks You Should Know

  • October 20, 2022
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Casino Tricks You Should Know

The bulk of the games you will find in a casino are largely based on odds. While some odds can be varied with strategy, planning, and good practice, some are purely based on chance, like slots. This is why most beginners, especially those looking to get serious with gambling, like to start with online casinos and the demos they’ve got to offer.

Have you been practicing with the free online games? And it is time to venture out into the wild, but you are scared of the risk that gambling requires? There are just a few tricks you can apply when you want to win big in the casinos, and we are happy to share some of them with you below.

  1. Using Bigger Bets to Defy House Odds

Casino games are designed in a way that favors the casino house more. The entire layout of a casino is designed to distract you. The colors, light, arrangement of games, and exclusion from external surroundings are all designed to affect your physiology.

Small bets pop up, and as a beginner, you are intrigued to place them quickly. The logic here is simple: the more you play these smaller bets, the more you lose money because the odds are against you. This is because there are almost no values attached to small bets. However, if you play bigger bets, you will halt the multiplication algorithm in your favor.

  1. Avoid Local Casinos to Win Big at Poker

If you love playing poker and have always wondered why you have yet to win big ever since you started playing at casinos, you are playing at the wrong casinos. When you play at your local casinos, you are contending with the best poker hands. You will probably be sitting with the masters of the game with years of experience, which you may not have beaten yet.

Instead, go to casinos targeted at tourists or frequented by them. There are higher chances that you may play with beginners who are only eager to experience the casino for the first time. This way, you have increased your odds of winning your table in a poker game.

  1. The Sloppier the Dealer, the Better the Chance

For lovers of blackjack, you may want to settle for a table hosted by a dealer who seems less experienced or clumsy with dealing with cards. There are higher chances that such a dealer may accidentally flash some cards, which may not happen in the hands of an experienced dealer. Paying attention to catching accidental flashes is different from counting cards, which is considered cheating when playing blackjack.

  1. Practicing Baccarat is as Important as the Banker

The game of baccarat, in any casino, is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of practice. Luckily, online casino platforms like 21 Casino always have free demos you can practice with. In the hands of an experienced dealer, up to 200 decisions may be reached per game. The trick here is simple. Always bet the banker and if it wins, continue to bet the banker until it no longer wins. The banker has the highest odds in any game of baccarat, and since there is only the banker’s side and the player’s side to baccarat, the banker is always worth the risk.

  1. Choose Tables and Not Slots
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We know slots can get super exciting. The pay-out tables are always filled with exciting wins, but the chances of them are almost zero. There are no guarantees when it comes to playing slots. Most casinos use their slot machines as a way of minimizing the operational losses they may suffer. There’s no “practice makes perfect” scenario when it comes to slots, and you may want to avoid it at all costs when you visit the casino.

If you must play slots, go with the higher stakes and not the penny jackpot bets. Also, remember to budget for slots and do not exceed your budget, whether or not you win anything. For better winning possibilities, instead of slots, we suggest you head for a game of baccarat, blackjack, craps, or poker if you have a fundamental understanding of how the game works.


There are many casino tricks that you will learn with time, but none can take the place of constant practice of the games you love in casinos. Knowing how to calculate your odds and the intricacies of your desired games will help you identify loopholes and win opportunities when one emerges. Happy playing!

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