Do You Need To Refrigerate Your CBD Oil?

  • October 17, 2022
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Do You Need To Refrigerate Your CBD Oil?

CBD oil has exploded in popularity because of its potent therapeutic qualities. Numerous studies indicate that it has plenty of health advantages and may aid in treating a variety of medical issues such as depression, pain, and stress.

However, as this product becomes more popular, there is some misconception regarding how to preserve CBD oil. Some advocate storing it in the refrigerator, while others suggest keeping it in a cabinet.

Should CBD oil be stored in the refrigerator? Is it OK to leave it on the kitchen counter, or must it be kept away from direct sunlight? You will get your answers in this article, and we will guide you about CBD proper storage method.

Why is it important to store CBD oil properly?

CBD oil shelf life is approximately 14 to 24 months, but only when you store it properly. Proper storage of CBD oil prevents the chemicals from deteriorating and aids in preserving its advantages and viscosity. So, to get the full advantages of CBD oil, it must be stored correctly. Now the next question is how to store CBD oil properly? Read on to get the answer to this common question.

How to store CBD oil properly?

You need to follow certain points in mind while storing CBD oil. The most common and effective way of consuming CBD oil is in tincture form. The shelf life of CBD tinctures found by link is the longest among all forms of CBD.

Follow proper guidelines about how to store tinctures and make them useful for a longer period. Remember to keep tinctures in an airtight, opaque container to keep them fresh. Avoid hot temperatures as keeping CBD oil in a bright, warm location might promote the growth of mold and germs. Because the oil contains no preservatives, it must be maintained at low temperatures and in dark areas to prevent mold and bacteria from forming.

Can you freeze CBD oil in the refrigerator?

Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated? It is a very common question. The answer is simple, “NO,” as extremely low temperatures can alter the consistency of the oil. It will become very thick by freezing. However, if you were unaware of appropriate storage and accidentally refrigerated your CBD oil, it is still salvageable.

Avoid warming it in the oven or microwave. Instead, leave it at room temperature on your counter or in a cabinet, and it will warm up on its own.

What to avoid while storing CBD oil

Apart from the debate over whether to store CBD oil in the refrigerator or freezer, there are a few other critical CBD oil storage guidelines which are following:

  • Avoid storing CBD oil near a stove, oven, or another source of heat.
  • Never leave CBD products in your truck, car, or another mode of transportation. The sun’s heat might diminish or eliminate the advantages of edibles, capsules or tinctures.
  • Avoid exposing your CBD oil to excessive light (e.g., avoid leaving it near a kitchen window).
  • Do not leave the bottle or container’s lid open.
  • Ensure that your CBD oil is out of reach of youngsters and pets.


Remember to follow proper CBD oil storage guidelines to get maximum benefits from its usage. Not too hot or not too cold places are recommended for storing CBD oil effectively.

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