Engagement ring trends You Need To Know About

  • October 17, 2022
  • 3 min read
Engagement ring trends You Need To Know About

An engagement ring is one of the most personal pieces of jewellery you can own. It symbolises your commitment to another person – and if you’re fortunate enough, you will wear it for the rest of your life. 

You will wear your engagement ring through different fashion trends and periods in your life. This is not the time to experiment with outlandish styles and trends. You need to think carefully about how your ring will age and wear over time. Will you still love the rose gold band in forty years? Maybe not. 

Do your research and look at the different engagement rings styles right now. You can draw inspiration from the current trends and decide what matches your style best. Pick your engagement ring because you love it, not because everyone else does. 

Here are the current engagement ring trends for 2022. 

Larger rings 

It’s all about the oversized stones this year. Chunky bands, bolder stones and all-around enormous rings can make quite a statement. You can sit at the bar with a cocktail in hand and flaunt your huge engagement ring across the room. No one will try to flirt with an engaged woman, after all. 

Trilogy rings 

Trilogy rings have three stones across the band. You could pair a diamond with two sapphires for a little extra sparkle. You could even go for a rainbow stone effect or three dazzling diamonds. Trilogy rings are classic and timeless for a reason. 

Oval tones 

In recent years, oval cut stones have become increasingly popular, and 2022 looks no different. The oval cut is slimming, beautiful and more affordable. Win, win! 

Toi et Moi 

Toi et Moi rings have two large center stones and a hidden band. They are often more unique than other engagement styles. You could go for a coiled band with two stones side by side to reflect your romantic partnership. Or, you could venture down the bespoke engagement ring route and ask a designer for some fresh ideas. Have with the Toi et Moi style and create a magical engagement ring. 

Many couples choose to find the engagement ring together these days. You can spend a weekend strolling through your local jewelers and perusing their collections. It takes time to find the perfect engagement ring, especially if you want to design it yourself. Be patient and enjoy the process of finding your ring.

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