Gauze and Daytime Cruise Clothing for Women Over 40 & 50

  • October 18, 2022
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Gauze and Daytime Cruise Clothing for Women Over 40 & 50

Women’s travel clothing, made of gauze, means packing a smaller and lighter suitcase. And, layering gauzy (sheer) tops over an anchor piece, like a plain black dress, can make a Boomer chick look cool and hip. It’s an easy way for Boomer women over 40 or 50 to look sexy without looking like they’re trying too hard.

Gauze Clothing

Why do Baby Boomers like gauze so much? Because gauze rocks.

Well, it covers bulges, bumps, and baggy skin, so that’s one good reason right there. However, gauze can also make an outfit look different in 5 seconds. Gauze items can be tossed into a carry-on without adding any weight, and gauze won’t add any bulk to an outfit. The right pieces work like magic.

What is the best gauze piece to get? Anything.

Layer Pieces

A gauze tunic can be worn over any color camisole, but it’s especially flattering when worn over a black, navy, or dark dress (or tank top) of any color.

A white tunic or dress can be sexy, but not revealing, over a black camisole and leggings if the tunic is not too sheer. However, this look is probably best on a woman who is proportional.

The only way to know what works for a specific body type is to try on different styles, but the white gauze dress, over something like a black cat suit, has been seen in Southern California, in some casual situations when a bathing suit would not be appropriate. This look is great on a warm weather cruise, though heavier gals should ditch the leggings in favor of long black column dresses, black slacks, or jeans.

Some gauzy tunics look fabulous over white anchoring pieces. Even teenagers are wearing something like gauze, though it’s often plaid chiffon.

Gauze Dress or Tunic

Here are some places to hunt for tunic dresses:

  • Antik Batik: Spendy. Hunt for their beautiful French Kaftans on sale. Or check out their cute kaftan tunics and find knockoffs.
  • Their Textured Gauze Big Shirt certainly won’t take up any room in a suitcase. It’s fab over a camisole and jeans or white gauze pants. It could also balance out big hips, though a gal would have to check it out on her own body in a three-way mirror. This piece might be cute over a tank dress. Leave it open, belt it, or try other ways to play with this.
  • See Diane von Furstenberg’s cute swimsuit coverups. Women with money will never regret buying anything from DVF, as the styles and prints are classic. Women who are on a budget should see the DVF bathing suit coverups, then check out other swimwear coverups for similar gauze tunics.

Layering Sweaters

  • Nomadic Traders: Sheer mesh shrug in Jade (turquoise – see photo), Mint (green), and a Cotton Pointelle-Knit Cardigan in Natural (off white)
  • Karen Kane: See her cute silk tunic. It’s very boho chic and very sheer. It’s meant to be worn over a tank dress or a cami. Several sites have this or something similar, so look around.
  • Michael Kors has a chic sheer boyfriend cardigan. It comes in white or hot pink. It’s actually quite tailored looking, for the preppy crowd, though bohemians could wear it open or tied or whatever they feel like. It’s cute. Google around and check out ads for deals.
  • Jones New York: Jones has some cute tops. Try their sheer cardigan with lettuce edging in a turquoise/white knit or hunt for something similar. This can be worn open or tied in front.

Traveling Boomer chicks to places like BK8 casino should learn to layer whisper-thin pieces over their basic anchor outfits. Sometimes, the best idea is to ogle the expensive brands for inspiration, then check swimsuit sites and travel stores for a less-expensive knockoff. It won’t be as good, but it will be good enough. Sheer gauze can make any woman look great.

Daytime Cruise Wear for Women Over 40 & 50

Online stores have some of the best daytime cruise wear for women with style. Check out nautical clothing like tops, sweaters, jackets, and outfits. Lots of gals look good in tropical dresses while lounging around on the pool deck, buffing their booties at the buffet, or just hanging around the ship.

Cruise Wear for Daytime

Is it possible that cruise gals are divided into two categories? One group likes to wear clothes. The other group likes to lounge around the pool in bikinis, show their belly rings, and wear sequins in all the wrong places.

Nautical Clothing

The basic boaty cruise style look consists of blue and white, with cute bright accents to give it some pop. Red, white, and blue is a classic combination. Black, black with white trim (tipping), and black-and-white accents work for gals who don’t love navy blue.

Old Navy

Don’t laugh, but Old Navy (appropriately) has good tees and things for cruises – and for travel in general. And, thankfully, most of their stuff is inexpensive enough so that no woman needs to constantly worry about dripping cocktail sauce or spilling a rum and coke on it. Yo ho ho. Just throw the shirt away if it gets too skeezy.

At OldNavy Website:

  • Pique Polo
  • Boat Neck Tee
  • Vee Neck Tee
  • Long-Sleeve striped tees for ridiculous prices.
  • Cable Knit Sweaters in colors that are fab for a nautical look – white, royal blue, turquoise, pink, yellow
  • White Nylon Trim Performance Fleece Jacket (a cheap version of a true nautical look)
  • Striped Sweater Dress in pink or black – a great tunic to wear with nautical sailor pants or jeans


Orvis has something that is so perfect; it’s called the Vintage Denim Magic Waist Sailor Pants. Forget the blue denim colors because the white will be better on a cruise ship. Yes, most older gals shouldn’t go around in white pants or white shorts (on land), but normal clothes sometimes look kind of weird at sea, and conversely, white pants look good while cruising. It must be the clean air.

Scoot through Orvis’ sale section for striped tees and other summertime (cruise-worthy) buys.

Overstock Website

At Overstock, type in “nautical” or “nautical style” to see what’s available. At this moment they have:

  • Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Nautical Jackets
  • Nautical Shoes
  • Tommy Hilfiger Flip Flops

BedfordFair Website

Go to the search engine for Bedford Fair and type in “nautical”. They have a great Nautical Separates Zip Front Jacket (and pants) that appears boaty without looking ditzy. Their striped tees look good and the Three Piece Pant Outfit is worth a try for that great price.

Key West Fashions

There are some cute cruisy things here. Be a little cautious with the capri pants. Some Boomer women look great in them, but many gals don’t. It depends upon one’s body type.

A gal can always get the top part of a “capri outfit” and wear different shorts or slacks. Everyone should know by now that hip gals don’t need to get all fussy about matching everything.

The brighter, splashier prints will, in general, work better in the Caribbean than on other cruises (Alaska, Baltic, Cape Horn) where nautical tops rule the daytime seas. Aloha prints, and similar styles, might be a bit much on a Mediterranean cruise, though that depends upon the cruise line. (Don’t drive the other cruisers to drink. Don’t go overboard. Are there any other cruise jokes that have been missed?)

KeyWestFashions Website

  • Pizzazz Black and White Knit Beach Dress (and other Pizzaz styles)
  • Indigo Knit Stretch Denim 3/4 Sleeve Zip Marine Jacket
  • Butterfly Knit Beach Dress (and other blue dresses)
  • The Pucci-like Stained Glass styles


Patchington has some nice pieces:

  • White Sweetheart Tank
  • Green Zip Front Hoody

Well, just look around for pieces that work for one’s coloring and body type.


Coolibar’s Cruise Clothing and Cruise Wear section has some (secretly) practical outfits and accessories for women who want to avoid those pesky rays that come from the sky and off the water. The Zip Front Swim Shirt might look good even when there’s no pool in sight.

If a gal is unable to find the right outfit for a cruise, she should just go anyway, and she absolutely MUST have a good time. And, that’s as mandatory as the lifeboat drill.

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