How Are Fitness Apps Helping People?

  • October 17, 2022
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How Are Fitness Apps Helping People?

Most people think that a proper coach is mandatory if they want to get fit. But it is not true now that you can keep track of your health and do a workout even at home. You can download a fitness app on your phone. These apps have a proper system through which you can keep track of your health and fitness. You can choose a program like a 30 days fitness challenge or 2 weeks fitness challenge. Here are some of the advantages of using weight loss apps.

Fitness Programs According to Preferences

Every person has a different type of body, or people have different fitness goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, thigh fat, or arm fat, you can choose programs that are only set for losing an arm or thigh fat. 

Another important thing is that the body measurements of every person are not the same. So you have to give your personal information like height, weight, age, and target weight. Then these apps will customize a program for you according to your body as these apps have a proper workout planner.

A Proper Workout

These fitness apps can also be used as workout apps as they have proper workouts that can keep you fit. These apps enable you to do the workout anywhere and anytime. You are not bound to do the workout at a specific time. Even on vacation, you can still do the workout as you need the app and an internet connection. 

There are categories of exercises in these workout apps. These categories are easy, medium, and hard. This way, it becomes easy for beginners to start and complete the program. A low-impact exercise is given with difficult exercises so all people can complete the whole set of exercises. These apps have the workout for men and women.

There are memberships too in these apps. If you buy this membership, then you will be provided with a proper trainer. This way, a coach will guide you in your whole fitness journey.

No Need Of Equipment

There is no need for equipment to do the workout given in the app most of the time. These apps are specially built for a home workout, so no equipment is required. However, you need a yoga mat to do the exercise. If you want to try the hard version of exercises, you might need some weights or resistance bands.

A Proper Diet Plan

After giving your current weight and target weight, you will be given a proper diet plan. A calorie calculator and steps counter will help you to keep a check and balance. The good thing about these diet plans is that you can personalize them. For example, there are different diet plans for vegetarians and non-vegetarian. You can also customize your diet plan if you want a high protein or low carbohydrate diet.

Personal Trainers

Now advanced-level workout apps have AI-powered personal trainers. However, most people prefer a personal coach to correct their posture or to do the exercise properly. While doing the exercise like an abs workout, the most important thing you should keep in mind is keeping your posture right. Otherwise, it will do no good even if it can be harmful.

This AI-powered personal trainer acts as a human trainer. It will assess your posture and guide you to correct your posture. It also gives you some tips during the workout to increase your stamina. If you have any queries related to workouts or fitness, you can ask the trainer.

Keep A Track

In these exercise apps, you will be asked to mention your weight. So these apps have a complete record of your progress. This way, you can keep track of your progress. After achieving a goal, you can set other goals to keep yourself healthy and fit.

If your app is AI-powered, then your fitness might change according to your progress. If you are making progress faster than the app might add some new exercises. If your pace is slow, then the app might make your workouts a bit easier. Your stamina is also monitored through this app.

Completely Free

You can enjoy the luxury of a proper fitness program at your home with these workout apps for free. Most fitness apps are free if you are choosing their basic plan. If you want some advanced features like an AI-powered trainer, you can buy the premium plan. Otherwise, with the basic plan, you can enroll in the fitness program.

Other Features

Your daily nutritional value will also be recorded in this app. If your nutritional value is lacking, then the app will give an alarm. You can also keep a record of your daily water intake. In some free workout apps, you can also keep a record of your blood pressure. These apps adjust your workouts and diet according to your workout record. 


There are times when you do not want to work out at all. This is when you start to skip workouts. The good thing about these home workout apps is that they send reminders and motivational quotes daily to keep you engaged and motivated.

A complete record of your progress also plays a significant role in keeping you motivated. After seeing your progress, you will get to know how far you have come. You can also see the goals that you have achieved. All these factors can motivate you again to start the program with more dedication.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no serious side effects of using fitness apps instead of going for a gym workout. However, here are some of the downsides of using a fitness app.

  • Never expect 100 percent accuracy from a fitness app. The calorie count of these apps is not 100 percent accurate, and sometimes, these apps fail to count the steps accurately.
  • These apps are continuously operating in the background for step count and other things. This thing can drain your phone battery very fast.
  • These fitness apps are expensive, especially those apps with AI-powered trainers. However, most people do not think that spending extra money on fitness apps is necessary.


Fitness apps are a good option for those who cannot go to the gym daily. Therefore, choosing the right fitness app is very important to get all the benefits.

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