How Do All in One Solar Street Lights Work?

  • November 23, 2021
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How Do All in One Solar Street Lights Work?

Famous philosophers have emphasized that change is constant. Innovations are continuously being made and discovered over time. Solar street lights are indeed a novel concept for many, but a better functioning version is already available. Did you know that a more advanced solar street light type exists? Let’s find out what all in one solar street lights are, how they work, and some frequently asked questions about them.

What are all in one solar street lights?

All in one solar street lights are the succeeding generation to the traditional ones. Recall that conventional solar street lights comprise solar panels, lights, and other components connected through wires. Comparatively, all in one solar street lights integrated all the features to the lighting pole. 

You can picture it in your mind this way. Traditional ones have two things connected through a wire, while an all in one solar street light is all but one product. That’s why they have a sleeker and more compact design than the other. This makes installation easier and prohibits intentional artificial damage. 

How all in one solar street lights work

All in one solar street lights work mainly on LED lights to ensure high lumen discharge while maintaining energy efficiency. Their battery systems utilize enhanced Lithium batteries to expand energy storage capacity and cater to unfavorable weather conditions like negative degrees in temperature. 

What really makes the technology of this product more fascinating are the intelligent features equipped with it. These features allow more convenience and control to the owners and may even help the street light achieve self-sufficiency to a certain degree. A summary is provided below.

Charging and discharging

The LED light turns off automatically at sunrise, wherein the temperature rises. The solar panels would automatically harness the energy from the sun, process it, and store it in its batteries. You shouldn’t worry about overcharging as the battery and solar panels would automatically be disconnected from each other by a controller. Then, the street light would discharge light at night.

Time and motion control

The areas where your street lights are located have a certain amount of traffic passing by. This is one of the things you must consider before getting a specific model and unit of a street light. During peak hours, expect that many will pass by the street light. Thus, ensuring that the light properly illuminates the area is a must.


What you can do is to know when the traffic is at its highest and lowest. Set a specific time to lower the light intensity and let your street light dim to conserve energy. You may also specify how bright your light is when the sensors detect nearby people. This way, the solar street light can perform its job well while saving energy simultaneously.

Remote control

Problems may suddenly arise in your lighting solution. Fortunately, a HeiSolar all in one solar street light employs RMS technology, which allows you to control them by giving communication protocols wherever you are remote. Moreover, you may also control and monitor your street lights conveniently with a few keys.

Improved illumination

As mentioned above, all in one solar street lights primarily employ LED as their lighting sources. These are optimized by a batwing lighting system, which effectively distributes the light and ensures uniform illumination. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. What should I do if the all in one solar street light doesn’t work?

If the street light doesn’t work, you may want to check out its battery. Maintenance and replacement of batteries should occur every five years. Try installing a new battery and see if it will finally work. Alternatively, replace the controller if there is no voltage output if a new battery fails to get the street light to work. 

  1. Which direction should the solar panel face?

Depending on your location, where the sun is most of the time would be the best direction for your solar panel to face. Doing this would let it absorb the sun’s energy fully. Check if your solar panel is adjustable so that you can set the direction more easily.

  1. How long can the batteries last in a day?

There’s no concrete answer to how long the batteries and lighting can last per day. However, factors like weather and amount of sunlight are significant factors to consider in gauging the duration. Keep in mind that choosing a battery that is too large or small in capacity is equivalent to compromising lighting effectiveness. 


Innovations are indeed coming endlessly. Maybe someone’s got a new idea while you’re reading this article. Solar street lights are becoming the trend today. Even after solar-powered products from Olown and other manufacturers are gaining recognition. Traditional or integrated, they help save energy and our environment. They undoubtedly work wonders with their advanced design and intelligent features, granting you convenience and control. 

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