How Live casinos have impacted gaming

Is there any industry where technology hasn’t improved in some way? The igaming industry is no different. In many ways, it has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of cutting-edge technology. 

All of the impacts that technology has had on casinos and the gaming industry are positive—offering players more immersion and enjoyment. Some of the new technologies are VR gaming, mobile casino apps, and the exciting live casino option. 

What is a live casino?

You perhaps have seen the term live casino around and wondered if that is something for you. How does it work? And what is a live casino? 

Live casinos are pretty new on the iGaming landscape but have rocketed into one of the most exciting ways to play. A live casino allows players to have a hybrid experience. 

While the player will be at home (or another place not in the casino) to place wagers, the live casino offers real dealers. The real dealers have specialized technology that allows them to communicate directly with the game, which can be seen on camera. 

A chat system is used to allow for communication between the players and the dealer. The physical transactions of the live dealer are turned into data by an Optical Character Recognition software that will translate it.  

So, in short – real dealers, dealing real cards in real-time, and users play from the comfort of their own homes. 

Live casinos have changed how we play – forever.

The casino industry wasn’t suffering; it was a thriving industry – already future thinking. Incredible and creative game developers, cutting-edge technology, millions of people who love to play – what more could you need? 

Well, if there is an industry that forges ahead with implementing new ways to play for their fanbase, it’s the casino industry. 

After mastering the online world, and mobile applications – what would come next? 

The hybrid of live casinos. They give those players who play from home and experience close to being in a casino itself. While there is a lot of satisfaction to be had playing against the autogenerated poker games – a live dealer changes the game. 

Live casinos offer more human interaction than the regular online casino tables too. 

What is the difference between a live casino and an online casino?

Technically speaking, all live casinos are also online casinos, but not all online casinos are live casinos. Live casinos create a unique gameplay experience with a real dealer on the other side of the table – yet still retaining all of the comforts of playing from home. 

Most online casino players have experience with an RNG-operated system. This means there is no human element at the helm of the game – it’s automated. RNG is the random number generator that is behind the game, and that’s it. 

The live casino offers more connections as you play. There is an interaction between the players and the live dealer. 

If you have ever been to a casino, you will already understand the difference in terms of atmosphere when there is a real dealer across the table – compared with playing an online casino. 

The live casino is the middle-ground, offering real people but still playing via your mobile or desktop. 

The live casino gaming experience

If you have experienced the perfect hybrid of your favorite games, why would you want to play anything else? Live dealer games are more interesting, and the casino market is always hungry to try out new gaming experiences. 

When you are playing an RNG online casino game, your internet speed matters a little less. But when you enter a live casino, you need the smoothest internet with the highest speed possible. There’s no time for lag or interruptions in your gameplay. 

The wagers are often higher in live casinos; there is more equipment and a real person. 

What live casinos offer that RNG casinos just cannot compete with is the feeling of playing in a real casino – or as close as you can get it at home. If you are looking for something that brings you as close to the real thing as possible, then live casinos is it. 

How Live casinos have impacted gaming

With each new gaming release – from consoles to handheld gaming there is a buzz. The buzz lasts for a short while, and then people go back to the games and hardware that they know and love best. 

What’s interesting about new casino releases is that they often start well and continue to increase in popularity. Live casinos are a testament to that trend. Live casinos were initially introduced in the 90s, but the technology to support the idea wasn’t available. 

Fast forward to an industry worth $127 billion by 2027; the technology, the player base, and the investment money are there to make it happen. 

Major operators are always looking for the best ways to stay ahead of the competition and offer their players something. What could be more interesting than online casinos competing with land-based casinos and online casinos? 

Whatever way you look at it, that is a win for the players. Live casinos bring atmosphere, real dealers, but the comfort of players’ own homes. It is quite the offering. 

Live casinos have changed the landscape of online casinos forever, adding a new layer to the gaming experience that will take a long time to beat. 

Quite literally, live casinos have changed the game. 

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