How to become a pro musician

  • March 22, 2022
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How to become a pro musician

Aspiring musicians have had it particularly tough since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The shutting down of society has meant that musicians have had fewer chances to showcase their talent and make a substantial living. 

For those who are ‘in-the-making’, Covid-19 has stripped individuals of opportunities and halted their journey to success. 

Others may have simply lost their way with music due to the mental toll the pandemic took on a lot of us. If you are struggling to find your feet or aren’t sure how to break through in the music world, here are our top tips for doing so. 

Practice makes perfect

The practice involves not just playing your chosen instrument or singing, but also ‘studying’ the general field of music. If you really want to have the upper hand on other aspiring musicians, you won’t just confine yourself to one genre. 

By experimenting with different genres, sounds, and instruments, you can make yourself a more well-rounded musician. Try and identify areas for improvement and work on them each week.

Getting lessons

There are a number of successful self-taught musicians. However, to become a professional, you will usually have to undergo some form of professional training.  

This may include sitting examinations through providers such as ABRSM to reach the desired grade. You may also study music at school and sixth form, and continue it at university.

Lessons can be expensive, which arguably prohibits those from lower-income households to have the chance of succeeding as a musician. However, you could check if your school, college, or university could support you in any way.

Getting the right gear

When you are a professional musician, you will only want the best of the best music gear. Good quality instruments or DJ equipment will ultimately make the music you produce sound better. It may also give you the confidence to then start getting creative. 

Don’t forget – when investing in an expensive instrument, you should always get it insured. When your instrument/music equipment is a large part of how you make a living, losing it or experiencing damage can have a detrimental impact on your income.


If you want to make it as a professional musician, you absolutely cannot shy away from promoting yourself. Their several ways you can do this. 

For example, get someone (or yourself) to video you every time you perform something you are proud of. You can collate these videos on social media sites such as Instagram or on a website that acts as a portfolio. Also, take some photos of yourself – people love to put a face to a name!

Finally, you should also get social. Attend gigs or events which feature the same genre you play and you will be able to start building valuable connections with people in the industry.
Making it as a pro musician takes hard work and dedication and the industry can be particularly cutthroat. However, with the right mindset, you can make it possible. 

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