Why Do People Buy LoL Accounts When They Can Make One for Free?

Why Do People Buy LoL Accounts When They Can Make One for Free?

Constantly playing from a single account has its own merits and downsides.

Starting from scratch and climbing up the ranks by yourself is really a joyful experience. Sometimes, though, LoL players have their own justified reason to buy a new account, and no, that doesn’t mean the player just started to play this game.

A lot of reasons make players buy a new account, and it really is a prospect worth considering. Different kinds of games require different skill sets that players think they’re missing from their accounts.

So, let’s see a quick overview as to why gamers purchase LoL accounts even though making one comes at no cost whatsoever.

Level 30 Account To Start Their Ranking Anew

To start playing ranked games on the Summoner’s Rift, your account needs to be at least level 30. Getting an account to level 30 is a really time-consuming task and one of the main reasons why players buy LoL accounts.

Players will need approximately 60 hours of gaming time to get their account to level 30 without taking into consideration EXP boosts and queue waiting time. Naturally, if you want to buy EXP boosts, you can go right ahead, but it’ll cost you more than buying a smurf account.

It’s pretty simple, really. Maybe you don’t like building up Elo to rank higher on the ladder and receiving teammates that are more or less at your skill level. I mean, it’s absolutely not worth it for veteran players to play with newbies that lock Jax as support on the Bot lane until you reach level 30.

On the other hand, maybe players want to start from the get-go of ranking. Because as seasons come closer, even if you win all of the 10 placement games in your previous account, your ranking will be lower than expected if the previous season wasn’t all that great for you. That’s why getting a different and unranked account isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Switching to Different Regions

For instance, your original account is settled in EU Nordic & East, and you’re tired of playing there. Maybe you’ve just become acquainted with other players that reside in the EU West. It’s proven that EU West has better players than EU Nordic & East, and switching to that region will help your gaming experience immensely.

RIOT has a system of switching your account to a different region for 2,500 RP, and you can get 3,500 RP at a price of $25. Sounds reasonable, right? But maybe you want to switch more than once, and you wouldn’t like to pay that sum over and over again. If that’s the case – buying a new account is more suitable for you.

In addition, you can benefit greatly from purchasing another account since you can choose what price to pay for further features in that account. Furthermore, by making a different account in another region, you’ll get the hassle of leveling it up to 30 levels, and your EU West teammate can’t wait that long. To avoid this, you’re better off buying a brand new account.

Grasping A New Role

Let’s say that your main role is Jungle, and you’ve played almost every jungle champion there is. Considering this, you’ll probably want to start a new role because it can get quite boring playing the same role for days, maybe even years. As you’ve decided on switching your main role to be the Mid lane, for example, you’ll need another champion pool that offers mid laners because all you have right now are junglers.

Purchasing a new LoL account with a decent number of mid laners is probably the best idea since it’ll take up a lot of time buying them from the store or through skin shards and blue essence. Moreover, you have the chance of getting IP and RP along with the account so you can buy even more upcoming mid laners like the newest mid lane addition in the champ roster – Vex!

Relishing in Surprises

Whatever your reason for buying a new LoL account, there’s an additional excitement to the primary merits. Most of the accounts up for sale have skins, bundles, champion shards, IP, RP, and even Little Legends if you’re up for some Teamfight Tactics fun. Unranked Smurfs is a platform that provides such accounts, and they reported that most of the accounts come with tons of bonuses. Not only that, but the champion pool, most of the time, will be refurbished with 100+ champions that will easily suit whatever role you’re the best at.

Still, it doesn’t actually mean that you’ll have the main champs that you’re fond of. However, it’ll be like opening a present that you know will be great but don’t know what it has in store for you.

Buying a Boosted Account

Well, to say the least, this is one of the downsides of why people buy LoL accounts but they’re still doing it. Nonetheless, if you’re an LoL veteran, it shouldn’t be a problem for teammates to play with you at higher levels because you’ll be pretty much in it to win it.

On the flip side, there are quite a lot of newbies that purchase a Diamond account just to get a taste of what it’s like playing with the top dogs.

Now – here’s the problem. No matter how good you were in the Gold division, the skill set of those in Diamond and above are on a whole different level. Players wouldn’t like to carry you every single game, and they’ll probably report you for being boosted.


While there are absolutely more benefits to buying a League of Legends account, it’s crucial to avoid buying an account on a whim if you’re not that experienced in the game.

The above-mentioned reasons for buying an account are understandable, and it’s not really worth the time and management to make a fresh account. So, if you want a new challenge in LoL, purchasing an account will be a great addition to polish up your skills.

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