Plus-Size Trends! Fashion With Big Confidence!

  • October 17, 2022
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Plus-Size Trends! Fashion With Big Confidence!

In Roman times being big was appealing to men and a sign of fertility. Fertility is equal to sexy. Now a lot has changed in the present age. Being plus-size as a woman is being branded as unhealthy or unattractive. But that is in the eyes of magazines and fashion runways.

Trends for plus-size women are almost the same as other body types. The key is to highlight the best part and hide the bad. In the case of the plus-size body type, it focuses on the cleavage and the curves. 

Many women would go with the latest fad even though it does not fit their figures. To avoid these mistakes, here are some keys to plus-size trends.

Embrace Humps and Bumps

The first step into plus-size trends is acceptance. Yes, a lot of women have met the hurdles in life: “If I go on a diet.”, “I will sign up for a gym membership.”, “I will live a healthy lifestyle like my role models.” or “I can still have that dream beach body in six months if I follow this.” 

Still, a year passed by but no changes ever. You even gained a few pounds during the holidays. Anyone can relate to this feeling, but that does not have to be your choice.

If you accept your figure, you can have a much better decision on picking a style that suits you. Having confidence and a good fashion sense works hand in hand. You can still go on that diet or work out in the gym. While that goal is still on the way, have a style that will complement your figure.

Round is a Shape

Most plus-size individuals put on overly baggy and loose clothes to cover up. Stop trying to look like a sack and wear something that flatters your body shape. Hiding in oversized fabrics makes you look less confident. Wear something that highlights your assets. 

Wrap-around gives you an hourglass look. Deep neckline tops or ¾ sleeves take the focus on your arms. Loose and baggy clothes are still an option but not everyday wear. Remember, a round body also has a shape and curves.

Go Vintage

Timeless and flattering is the vintage style for your figure. Dresses that are unique and classy could also complement your body. Nothing beats the classic of showing style and grace. 

If you look great wearing vintage dresses, just do it. It won’t go out of style, and you can go from the office to the party with only a few changes in accessories.

Wrap Dress

The best example of an alternative for loose, baggy clothes is wrap-around dresses. Wrap-around is great for hiding your flaws while highlighting your curves. 

Sleeves will take the attention from your arms. Added ruffles help to create a good silhouette. A dress paired with a top, when in doubt, is a great go-to outfit.

Prints and shades

Another trick is to be friends with colors and prints. Dark colors are classy and make you look slim. The same goes for prints, which also highlights your curves. Always experiment with stripes, polka dots, and animal prints to unleash the wild side in you. 

A top with stripes or dots and paired with a dark-colored blazer makes you look slim. Go ahead and try on different prints, be it animal, floral, or patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Know Your Vitals

Knowing your vital statistics is necessary when buying an outfit. It helps you know what type of dress will compliment your figure. Knowing your body shape will allow you to take advantage of your best parts and flaunt them more. The goal is to have clothing that will work with your silhouette and make you slimmer.

Going to try out new dresses would be much easier when you know what you want to flaunt. If you are going to flatter your hip or your bust, make your decision of clothes accordingly. 

What to Invest in

Invest in basics and good underwear. Basics are your go-to outfit for last-minute notice going out on a whim with friends or an emergency. Good underwear is essential. Fitting underwear not only looks good but gives support. It should be seamless and does not show when you wear fitted clothing.

Invest in undergarments like a nude bra to support your bust. Nude bras are skin-toned and won’t be visible even if you wear fitted clothes. Investing in basics and underwear is excellent since you will be confident with it.

Big and Trendy

Plus-size women can have a style that both stays trendy and flatters the figure. Preparing for weight changes is also a must for every woman. It could be pregnancy or a few pounds added during the holidays. So don’t settle for loose clothes and try something that hugs your curves and shows your assets.

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