Real Madrid’s New Transfer Strategy

  • October 20, 2022
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Real Madrid’s New Transfer Strategy

Previously, Florentino Perez became famous at Real Madrid by signing a star rookie to the club every year. It all started in 2000 and the resonant move to Madrid of the now former favorite of Barcelona fans, Luis Figo. A year later, the “blancos” signed Zinedine Zidane, another 12 months later – the Brazilian Ronaldo, and finally in the summer of 2003 signed an agreement with David Beckham, although some observers also put the transfer of 2004 in this row, when Michael Owen became a Real Madrid player. who won the Golden Ball three years earlier.

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However, over time, Perez realized that prices in the transfer market are going to hell. This became especially noticeable with the emergence of Arab petrodollars in European football, which began to invest generously in their clubs by the new owners of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. The climax of what was happening was the move to Paris from Barcelona in the summer of 2017 of the Brazilian Neymar, which cost his new club a record 222 million euros.

Since then, only one deal looks frankly squanderous in the performance of Real Madrid – the purchase of Eden Azar from Chelsea in the summer of 2019 for 115 million euros. This is a classic case where Perez paid much more for a top soccer player than anyone else could in order to win the competition. Failed deals like Luka Jovic’s transfer for 63 million euros will be a priori out of the scope of our conversation, since the Serb never claimed top status and could have won it just in Real Madrid, but failed – not according to Senka, as they say.

Buying young talent seems to be the new passion of Florentino Perez, which has manifested itself in all its glory in recent years. Vinicius Junior, Braim Diaz, Andrei Lunin, Rodrigo, Reinier, Eder Militao – the Madrid club signed each of them at a young age, playing, so to speak, ahead of the curve. In this, Perez has already shown a change in strategy and outlook on football and player development. If earlier Florentino tried to get established stars for the “Blancos”, now he signs the main “stars” of world football in the hope that they will mature in Real Madrid and turn into the new Cristiano Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos.

The current Real Madrid do not want to sign top players, so as not to find themselves in the situation that Barcelona is now in. In many respects, therefore, this summer, “Blancos” still did not dare to sign two players who have long liked Florentino Perez – Frenchmen Kilian Mbappé and Paul Pogba. Both are very famous all over the world, they are the leaders of their current teams and the victors of the 2018 World Cup, and therefore they would have to pay in full for each. And if earlier Perez would have done this without hesitation, flaunting club opportunities, now Don Florentino has become noticeably more experienced and wiser.

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