Steps For Birth Certificate Attestation In UAE

  • October 20, 2022
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Steps For Birth Certificate Attestation In UAE

Foreign nationals wondering about the process of obtaining birth certificate attestation in UAE are often required to using the document for legal business, getting married, or other legal processes abroad. But, to get a birth certificate attested in the UAE, it’s important to clear up the essential concepts first. 

The original document which certifies live birth of a newborn, the original birth certificate, has to remain on file always at the national vital records office in the location in which the birth occurred. this is following its submission for recording by a hospital. The one that is reproduced whenever you order a birth certificate is the birth certificate replacement. Document attestation in UAE for a birth certificate is a process that will give UAE authorities assurance that the civil/personal document is valid for use within the country. 

How to Get Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE  

To obtain attestation for a birth certificate, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Get a copy of your original birth certificate.

This copy must be the one that was issued by your local statistics or vital records office. If you’re already in UAE and you don’t have your birth certificate which requires attestation, it is advised that you consult with reputable experts providing attestation service in Dubai/UAE. They can help you obtain a copy more quickly.

Step 2: Secure state attestation.  

The State or Home Department that has to first attest to the authenticity of your birth certificate will be based on your respective home country’s state capital. All educational and personal documents will be authenticated by the department. The State/Home Department is also referred to as the Sub-Divisional Magistrate or SDM in some countries. 

Step 3: Have the document attested by the UAE embassy.  

Following state attestation, the UAE embassy is the next government body that will stamp the birth certificate. All documents, either personal, commercial, or education, are to be attested by the respective home country’s UAE embassy. Take note: attestation from the UAE embassy is only done for non-apostille countries. 

Step 4: Forward the document to the Ministry/Dept. of Foreign Affairs.  

For document attestation of birth certificates issued overseas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA attestation in UAE is the last step. A stamp will be placed on the document. Upon the approval of MOFA, the document will be deemed legal and valid for use anywhere in the UAE.

Common Reasons for Unsuccessful Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE  

If you are not sure if your birth certificate is eligible for document attestation in UAE, it is recommended that you consult with a document authentication service in Dubai/UAE for verification. Some of the reasons why documents can’t be authenticated, most especially birth certificates, are as follows:

  • Documents without the original seals or signature e.g. plain photocopies of documents  
  • Religious documents e.g. Religious marriage certificates, baptismal certificates, and other documents that are issued by any religious institution  
  • Documents with unknown signatures or seals that can’t be verified by government authorities  
  • Documents that were issued by any unrecognized educational institution  
  • Laminated documents  
  • Glued documents  
  • Documents that are covered with a substance that makes it very difficult to put stamps on them  

Authentication of birth certificates in UAE will also be declined from the following:

  • Documents contain misleading information  
  • The documents or the process of authentication in UAE will be used for illegal, misleading, or fraudulent purposes (suspected fraud cases will be referred to appropriate authorities for law enforcement to be investigated more thoroughly)  

Requirements for Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE  

The documents that are required to process the birth certificate attestation in Dubai/UAE are as follows: 

  • Original document issued by a regulatory authority  
  • Copy of passport of attestation applicant

If the document attestation will be done by an appointed representative of the applicant e.g. a document attestation service in Dubai/UAE, the authorized representative will be required in presenting the following in addition to the aforementioned requirements:

  • Photocopy of the identification document of the applicant’s authorized representative  
  • Duly signed and executed power of attorney (SPA) created by the applicant for authorization of the representative  

The requirements are the same for the attestation of the following documents:

  • Marriage certificates  
  • Death certificates  
  • Certificate of no previous marriage  
  • Notarized documents with certification from the regional trial court or local court  
  • Professional regulation commission-issued document  
  • Medical certificates issued by a state department
  • License certification (must be issued by a state department)  
  • Any foreign document that is authenticated by a foreign embassy or consulate-general  
  • Any foreign document that is authenticated by a foreign consulate/embassy in the UAE  
  • School or educational degrees or records with certificate of authentication/verification issued by any state university or state college  

To know more about birth certificate attestation in Dubai, consult the experts such as Notary Public Dubai today! 

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