Top 9 Fun Games for Brain Training and Self-Development

  • October 20, 2022
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Top 9 Fun Games for Brain Training and Self-Development

The online and offline markets for games are filled with zillions of games to cater to every need of all age groups. The only trick and task is to find that one right game that hit the right chord for magic to happen 😀

Nowadays, most of the games help train your brain, improve mental fitness, and help in self- development and growth. We as individuals fail to see the numerous good benefits a game has on us. This is because we are programmed to assume that it is a game, therefore, it’s only meant to take away time. Which is wrong nowadays?

The search for games for brain training and self-development ends here as we have 9 such fun games and activities you can play on a day-to-day basis to keep both your game as well as growth strong! From mental fitness to cognitive benefits such as memory, logical and practical thinking, decision making and more, these games are sure to cater to all the above!

1. Crosswords

Back in the day when newspapers were a daily thing, you’d find one page purely dedicated to games, puzzles and more. Crosswords was one such game that was included, it would take up most of the page with the typical square box with black and white coverings. The Crossword comes with a set of questions and hints for the following and mentions which one fits the vertical line and which fits the horizontal line to make the answers simpler for the individual. If you’ve ever tried playing these crosswords, you know that it isn’t as simple and easy as it looks to be. The puzzle requires a lot of thinking, racking your brain and digging up all the knowledge you possess.

The main goal or motive of this game is to fill up the white empty boxes with the words or phrases that suit the question. This game not only tests your language skills but also tests your brain power, memory, knowledge and helps to improve it furthermore. These crossword puzzles are available both online and offline.

If you want to play solitaire card games free then visit this most efficient Solitaire bliss card game site.

2. Sudoku

Another very popular game found in the daily newspapers is Sudoku. This is a number placement game and does put your memory to the test. The idea behind the game is that you fit in numbers from 1-9. A few numbers will already be present in the box that will be scattered around, you have to make sure that both the horizontal and the vertical line have all the numbers. Keep in mind that none of them should be repeated in the same line!

Sudoku tests short-term memory. It helps hone personal skills and extends brainpower to a great extent. The game does take a lot of practice, patience, back and forth to get a hang of it but once you get the drill of how it’s done then it’s smooth sailing from thereon. The game does provide different levels, from easy to medium to difficult to very difficult. Test your skills and train your brain to be your biggest strength by playing a game of Sudoku every day!

3. Rummy

Looking to put all your skills to the test and get the best results then Rummy is the game for you. A skill-based game that improves your concentration, memory, decision making capabilities and more. Yes, it is a card game but if you have ever played Rummy then you know it requires a lot of logical thinking, decision making, memory and concentration.

Playing Rummy online for over a period will not only improve your game skills and get you more wins but will also help you in the outer world and your day-to-day life. You will begin to see a vast difference in the way you think and react to a lot of situations.

4. Braingle

Having over Fifteen Thousand Brain Teasers and Puzzles, Braingle is yet another fun game that tops the list. It is an apt game for training your brain and mind and improving oneself. In other words it is like a workout for your brain- a complete one! Braingle also lets the players curate their own puzzles to play, isn’t that fun?

A great mix of fun, brain training and self-development. Basically,it is like a one-stop for all things good for your personality. This fun game also offers a wide range of codes, ciphers (hints), illusions and trivia for one to explore from. Try out this game and you’re sure to get hooked on.

5. Queendom

A game that is fun, thrill-based and does a bunch of good things for you as a person is Queendom. Some of you might not be aware of the game or the name might be alien to you but to break it down, the game has a number of tests and surveys for the individuals to participate, play and give their opinions on.

These surveys and tests are basically personality based and can also be called as brain tools. They range from maths, logical reasoning, aptitude tests, quizzes and trivia puzzles, verbal and spatial reasoning. Therefore, playing Queendom will help train your brain to function better in all these aspects and act as an all rounder for self-improvement and development.

6. Elevate

We as humans want to have a strong grasp of our verbal and writing skills. Cannot deny but it is also essential to possess these traits in today’s day and age. Elevate is one such game that offers 35 plus games includes within to test your language skills- written and spoken while also testing your eligibility in maths.

It’s like a mini educational trip every time you play but a fun one! You wouldn’t want to bunk it like your other classes at school :p

7. Lumosity

Backed by science, Lumosity  has  a number of games, activities and tests for the brain. Players get to play 3 games per day.  It might seem less in number but trust us one game is more than enough as it acts as a complete fitness for your brain and mental health. It keeps you on your toes at all times.

A little fun fact for you is that Lumosity offers meditation and mindfulness as well. So, days when you just want to take a short break or some time off for yourself then you know where to head to.

8. Peak

We encounter numerous issues almost on a daily basis hence, problem-solving plays a vital role in our everyday life. Another important thing for an individual to possess is a good memory. Imagine being forgetful or not remaining anything whatsoever, it can be quite annoying at times. Here is something that brings together a combination of game and personality development.

Available online, Peak is an interesting game that offers brain games that improves all of the cognitive functions one requires. So, for those of you who are competitive when it comes to your games then Peak lets you be competitive too.

9. Happy Neuron

Train your brain and yourself to be the best version of itself. Keep it at work constantly so it only gets better. Happy Neuron is a fun game that is played by several people. Many aren’t even aware of the fact that this game does test 5 such areas of the brain. They are- attention, memory, language, visual/ spatial and executive function.

The game does keep a track of your progress, growth and how well you’ve been performing through each level. Try out the free trial first to see what the game really does and then subscribe to their monthly plans and get your brain training and self-growth game stronger than ever before! Learning doesn’t necessarily happen in classrooms or educational centers and the above article proves that. Try out the games if you haven’t as yet and know for yourself that we aren’t bluffing

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