What Necklace Should You Wear With a V-neck?

  • October 17, 2022
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What Necklace Should You Wear With a V-neck?

While it’s almost 2022, many men are still a little unsure about wearing jewellery, especially when it comes to necklaces. 

However, a well-chosen necklace can elevate any look, even if you’re wearing a simple V neck t-shirt. 

So if you’re one of those “unsure” guys, you shouldn’t worry too much because there are a few simple guidelines that will help you navigate it all. 

V-neck t-shirts

V-neck tees have made it back to the mainstream, and it’s something to celebrate! 

They are a great layering piece that looks slightly more put-together than your regular crewneck. V-neck t-shirts work well with such smart-casual pieces as chinos, wool trousers, blazers, cardigans, and even suits, as well as with basic items like hoodies and jeans. 

It’s key to choose the best high-quality t-shirts to avoid looking tacky or sloppy items in your wardrobe.

Men’s necklaces

Before we talk about specific necklaces to wear with your V-neck tees, let’s briefly address some basic guidelines about men’s necklaces in general. 

While women can wear pretty much anything, men should be careful with big, chunky statement pieces. Think of the necklace as an addition and not the leading player of your outfit. 

This means that most men’s necklaces are minimalistic, not too overwhelming and not too shiny. Yes, you can always find exceptions to the rule, and some guys can pull off a showstopping piece of jewellery (we’re looking at you, Harry Styles and Johny Depp), but unless you really know what you’re doing, stick to subtle and unassuming pieces. 

Simple chains 

The best introduction to jewellery that will look good on any guy is a simple chain gold, white gold or silver necklace. Go with a thinner option that’s more subtle, and then layer another one for when you’re ready for a little more extra pizzaz. 

There are many chain types to choose from, from cable and curb to herringbone and wheat chain. Go to your local jeweller’s to see which one works best for you. 

V-neck tees are great for layering chains as they show some skin and allow you to create a laid-back look.

Pendant necklaces

Even if you’re not into fashion, you might see how a V-neck tee calls for a pendant. Now, start small and go with something small and neutral. It can be made of the same metal as your chain or choose something personal like, e.g. your birthstone. 

Generally, you want your necklace and pendant to fall below your V-neck cut, but sometimes, just sometimes, you can play around with a deeper cut and more skin. Be careful, though; there’s a thin line between cool and douchy. 

A note on religious pendants: yes, you can definitely wear such a pendant (e.g. cross) if you’re affiliated with that religion; however, don’t do it if you’re not. Also, always opt for something modest and simple, no diamonds or Swarowskis, please.

Dog tags 

Many guys feel comfortable wearing dog tags as they’re considered very masculine due to their military association. 

And it’s true that dog tags look good with a V-neck, however, have in mind that if you haven’t served, some people might take offence to your wearing dog tags. 

Beaded necklaces 

If you’re not into metals, you can always wear a beaded necklace with your V-neck tee. This style counts thousands of years (the first ones were made from shells, later wood, stone) and is very laid-back and unassuming. 

Opt for a longer necklace with or without a pendant to go with your V-neck and choose your favourite material – you can never go wrong with nice wood or stone. We recommend avoiding plastic beads as they may look tacky. Also, beads are strictly casual, so avoid wearing them with your semi-formal outfits.

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