10 Tips About Traveling With Gun Safe

  • October 18, 2022
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10 Tips About Traveling With Gun Safe

In the US, many families have at least one gun inside their property. We cannot blame them. There is too much violence going on around now. You don’t even feel safe in your own home. Many responsible gun owners have with them gun safes.

It is not just for aesthetic purpose but it is the safest way to avoid unnecessary tragedy and accidents. In the country alone, the number of gun accidents related to kids has increased tremendously. It reaches over more than a thousand accidents annually which is really high.

With gun safes, you could be assured that nothing could happen as long as your safe is secure. However there may come a certain time wherein you would need to relocate or renovate your house which requires transferring your gunsafe somewhere else.

This may seem so risky and dangerous but with proper guidance, things would be easy and harmless. Here are 10 tips about gunsafe before traveling with it:​

10 Tips About Gunsafe Before Traveling

Sometimes, it is cheaper to just transfer your gunsafe alone or with someone else rather than hiring a professional mover to do the job for you.

With some easy and simple ways, you would be able to transport your rifle or pistol in the protection case safely and quickly. For transferring it from one place to another just within your property you have to:

  • Plan carefully where you are heading and passing. Make sure that there is no obstruction along the way.
  • Once you noticed that there are some barriers and hindrances along the way, do make some actions like clearing off the path.
  • Measure the sizes of your doors and hallway and make sure that it fits well enough.

  • There is a safety wear for transporting gunsafes. Use gloves to get a firm grip of the unit. This will prevent your hands from slipping and letting go of the gunsafe.

  • It is advisable to wear long sleeves to for protection. Steel capped boots are the best when it comes to transporting the safe, this ensures your feet away from injury once that gunsafe falls on the floor. For vehicle transportation, depending on how you travel, if by road, you should.

  • Make sure that all the guns are secure by unloading them. Large guns should better be disassembled. This is to conceal the transport of your big guns.

  • See into it that trigger locks are working properly.

  • Gun safes should be away from the view of the people around you.

  • If you have a truck, you could have the option of bolting the gunsafe into the console. Sometimes there is a need to go outside of your area. In the US there are different rulings with every state.

  • Do read about their rules and regulations regarding possession and travelling with firearms. Other states requires separation of ammunition and guns, you may place it in a locked container in the trunk and the gunsafe in another compartment. Firearms Owners Protection Act can be claimed in case of certain situations.

  • Drive and abide all the public highway rules so as not to get the attention of the authorities and get stopped by them.

  • When you travel in a plane, make sure that ammunitions are also separated from the guns. A secured compartment is necessary for your gun. Make sure you call the airlines beforehand. Research the destination of your travel on their stand on gun handling and transporting.

Keep in Mind

There are a lot of sizes and features gunsafes offer. Many of these manufacturers have learned to cater to the different requirements of their clients. Some would even offer for a free shipping or installation if gun safes needed to be consoled.

You could also choose your locks, dial pad and biometrics are the common choices nowadays. Most of the gun owners prefer biometrics because it is easy and quick to access the guns.

Every second counts when you are in danger, pushing codes on the dial pad increases your risk of being harmed by the minute.

Though whatever you prefer, these locks are designed to keep people away from holding your gun. Gun accidents increase year by year and most of them happened when kids are playing with them.

For a price, you get the assurance that everything is safe and out of danger whether you are at home or travelling. Nothing could compensate to that. You would be able to relax while you are on your way to the next destination.

Nevertheless, transporting guns may sound complicated and dangerous. If you aren’t aware of such rules and safety procedures, it is advisable that you don’t do it by yourself or perhaps read more about it first.

Final Verdict

A gun case or bag is probably the safest to transport your firearms. It does not only give you secure transporting but it gives you a peace of mind. When you go out of your vehicle, you are assured that your guns are in a safe place because you have a secured locking device inside your car.

Make a gunsafe a necessary and mandatory obligation for you, as a gun owner. Be responsible not only for yourself but for others.

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