5 Important Rules to Choosing Your Runescape Guide!

  • October 20, 2022
  • 4 min read
5 Important Rules to Choosing Your Runescape Guide!

As Runescape becomes the # 1 MMORPG on the Internet, there are many Runescape tutorials on the Internet as well. Thousands of players will Google “runescape guide” or “how to buy runescape” to find answers to their questions. That said, thousands or even millions of Runescape players would buy at least one or more Runescape tutorials online. The question you ask is, “How do I know if the Runescape manual I am buying is real or fraudulent?”

Here are some tried and tested methods to prove it.

1) Professional looking Runescape website

Let me ask you a quick question: “If today you are going to open an Apple Store that will sell all Apple products, will you have a running store or will you spend a fortune on decorating it?

Of course, you will spend a lot of money on decorating your store. Why?

You want to make a good impression on your customers, am I saying it right? You want to tell every customer who walks into your store that you are serious about serving and doing business. So the first rule is very simple! Look for a professional looking Runescape website. This shows that the Runescape guide seller really takes your business seriously.

2) The seller is ready to give you free tips or Runescape secrets

For example, if you sell ice cream today, and if a customer comes in and asks for some samples to sample your ice cream before buying, would you allow free sampling?

If your answer is “Yes!” you have a buyer. So, the second very important rule on how to buy a Runescape guide is to make sure the website gives you free Runescape secrets or free Runescape tips.

But don’t expect the seller to provide you with Free Runescape Accounts, OSRS Gold, or Free Runescape Items. If the site offers it, RUN! This was most likely a fraudulent website.

3) You can talk to the seller!

Let’s go back to the same example above. If you walk up to an ice cream stand and can’t communicate with an ice cream seller, would you buy ice cream from him?

Could you? I would never buy from him! Communication is one of the most important parts of our human life.

I can’t figure out why someone buys a Runescape manual from a website where they can’t even email the seller to ask questions about their product.

So, rule number three, you MUST be able to communicate via email, chat, or at least communicate with the seller. If you want to take this rule to the next level, test the seller’s sincerity by sending them an email.

Does the seller respond to you quickly enough? When he answers, what is his answer? The salesperson should be sincere in their email and have your interest at heart, just like your friend.

4) The website must have success stories

Rule number four is very important! Before buying any Runescape tutorials or anything online, make sure there are enough success stories on the site.

How do you know if your success stories or testimonials are genuine?

Here’s an example of a rule! Video reviews are always the most sincere. The person cannot lie to you in front of the video. The second best form of success stories is photographing a person. The final testimonial form must contain at least the name of the person, country, or state.

NEVER accept reviews in this format.

“Wow! You’ve done a fantastic job on the Runescape tutorial! I used your tactics all the time! That was great!”

– David K.

Now any salesperson can fake such a success story. Finally, if the website doesn’t have at least 100 or more success stories, don’t even buy from them.

You want to make sure they have enough satisfied customers before buying from them. And the more time you see, the better the Runescape guide will be. This is one of the most important rules when buying a Runescape manual.

5) The website will tell you all about the manual

If you didn’t get enough details, it also shows that the seller is not interested in telling you more and that he is “hiding” something from you. So my last rule is very important: make sure you understand what you are buying. I’m leaving this rule for last, for a simple reason. You want to know what you are buying, my friend. You can’t expect to go to the website, read a little about the manual, and just pay $ 5.50 for it.

Why would you do this? I know it can be cheap, but why would you buy cheap and lousy products?

Make sure you read the entire website and 100% understand what you are getting in your Runescape tutorial.

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