• October 18, 2022
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Research reports that an employee’s most valuable time at a new company is the initial few months of his joining. It means that the managers have a novel chance to prepare, draw in and assemble associations with their latest recruits during this particular period. With the COVID-19, the workers are changing companies at record rates. Hence, the importance of giving your new hires a good onboarding experience and making connections with them has increased manifold.

On the contrary, most employers contribute all their time and energy to load the new hires with calls, videos, and enrollment sessions and neglect the opportunity to form an effective employee-manager relationship at the beginning only. Effective talent management and talent development should ideally start on the first day of your new employee; in other words, it should begin with onboarding.


When the recruitment process is done and the new hires are finalized, the organizations don’t stay in touch with the recently added team member leaving them out of the loop until their joining date. It’s essential to keep in touch and wait to connect with them until their first work day. The period between the acknowledgment and their beginning date is the hour of most danger. Competitors are open to different offers and can undoubtedly repeal their bid for employment before they join your company. Expressing excitement about their new position is a simple method for keeping them locked in. This is possible by addressing any inquiries they might have and starting the paperwork for the new hires.

Make a Collaborative Partnership

Assist your new employees to ease into their position effectively by blending them with senior employees. This gives the new employee some time and a dependable companion who can acquaint them with the group and provide hands-on training to become familiar with their roles. Offering a work environment accomplice is an incredible way for the new hire to find out the famous lunch spots, social peculiarities and know more about the company. A study done by Clear Company showed 51% of representatives work with more enthusiasm when they have a companion at work, expanding their usefulness and inspiration.

Welcome the new hires With Excitement

Making an initial positive feeling for the new employees is indispensable for the organization. An overview done by TINYpulse showed that 22% of turnover occurs within 45 days of a new employee being hired. If the other colleagues do not feel esteemed or if that preparation is lacking, they are bound to leave and search out a better prospect. Assist the recently added member with affirming their choice of tolerating their job by giving them a warm welcome when they show up on their first day. Everybody ought to be associated with the inviting of the new hires. When recently added team members feel invited by their associates, their degree of commitment increases. Initial feelings are vital to show them how invigorated the organization is to have them part of the group.


Onboarding the new hires should also accompany an effective and customized training program to enhance their learning needs. When you are done with the onboarding process, immediately start preparing for their training regime. You need to assess their learning needs and abilities and make a well-planned and customized training program for them. The use of different eLearning software and tools like Adobe Captivate can prove to be quite effective in creating engaging training material. 


The bottom line here is that onboarding the employees is not a one-time thing but a process. A good onboarding program is pivotal for making a good connection with the new hires, increasing their productivity at work. Engage them, make them feel comfortable, show them that you are excited to work with them. This article shed some light on things you need to keep in mind for an engaging onboarding experience for your employees. I hope it helped.

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