Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

There is no doubt that alcohol is one of the easiest substances to obtain however it never proves easy to leave for an addicted person. The misuse and excessive drinking of alcohol cause five deaths per day. Those who indulge in heavy drinking lose their senses and crave alcohol more than before. So, people should make sure to not get addicted as otherwise, they may have to face health complications while quitting this drug permanently.

 Alcohol has a sedating effect on CNS (Central Nervous System) due to which, a person feels good when he intakes this drink. Doctors believe that if an addict successfully passes the journey of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, he can come back to life. Some major alcohol withdrawal symptoms are listed below:

Description: Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Process


Normally, the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal start appearing after three to four days of quitting the drug. Headache is one of the primary symptoms and it makes a person suffer a lot. A simple painkiller may not prove effective because you cannot categorize this headache as casual pain. People try to get back to alcohol to get relief from this headache but they should try to overcome it with proper sleep.


The sensation of vomit is the worst thing a person suffers when he decides to leave alcohol. Restlessness is another drawback that comes with nausea and if you feel this, make sure to get proper medication. Excessive vomit can cause stomach issues and you may feel weakness.

Anxiety and Mood Swings

It is not easy to say goodbye to this drug especially if you do not have a strong immune system. Anxiety and bad mood swings can make you feel irritated and hyper over something. The best way to avoid this symptom is to eat healthily and have sufficient sleep.

Apart from it, regular exercising is another beneficial thing to overcome depression. You should go on long walks with a friend and healthy communication can also help to pass the time.

Heart Palpitations

A faster heartbeat is one of the major alcohol withdrawal syndrome symptoms. You may feel the fluttering or heavy heart and make sure to get instant medication as otherwise, the situation can get worse. However, there is no need to panic as instant care can help you get out of it.

Loss of Appetite

Alcohol affects the CNS and when you leave it suddenly, the brain starts reacting due to which certain unusual things happen. You may feel a loss of appetite but the best way is to eat. A healthy diet can prove great for overcoming this problem and even if you do not feel hungry, make sure to eat at least three meals a day. Along with this, fruits are mandatory.

Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is not particularly one thing but it causes a lot more problems like headache, bad mood, insomnia, and hallucination. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome affects sleep order and there can be two chances either a person can sleep a lot or he may not sleep for days.

So, right at the start of this order, get yourself checked by a doctor. However, we do not recommend taking sleeping pills unless you haven’t slept for days.

Urge for Alcohol

It is obvious that an addicted person urges for alcohol and when he doesn’t get it, he starts feeling uncomfortable. When you decide to quit this drug permanently, make sure to not encourage the craving for alcohol. You should avoid passing by bars or clubs.

Moreover, if you have a friend circle that drinks alcohol in every social gathering, it is better to avoid such get-to-gather. Keeping yourself busy in reading books, watching movies, or with family can help a lot.

High Blood Pressure

You can suffer high blood pressure which is obviously an alarming situation. So, it is suggested to keep yourself calm and be in contact with a doctor who can guide you better. High blood pressure is the root of multiple other diseases.

However, in alcohol withdrawal syndrome, it can be a temporary situation only. So, there is nothing to get worried about unless you are following the instructions of the doctor.

Severe Dehydration

Dehydration has further effects. You may feel pain in the stomach while the skin may show wrinkles or pimples. During this, the best way is to increase the intake of fresh juices, milk, yogurt, and water. Try to stay away from coffee or tea because hot drinks can further trigger dehydration.


High fever is one of the normal symptoms that a person suffers in case of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. An addicted person should know that the brain responds differently when it stops getting alcohol. So, maintaining willpower in this situation is mandatory. High fever is easy to cure but make sure to not go back to the drink again.

Abdominal Cramping

Abdominal cramping can prove painful and you may not understand what to do in that situation. The best way is to use a heating pad for instant relief. It will minimize the pain and you will feel relaxed. So, instead of going back to that drug, it is advised to suffer the syndrome symptoms because a period of two to three months would be enough to go back to the normal routine.

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