Getting your online business ready for Valentine’s Day

  • October 18, 2022
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Getting your online business ready for Valentine’s Day

Christmas and New Year have just passed, and we are already thinking about Valentine’s Day. The online business world revolves around the holiday season. You need to be prepared for the different holidays throughout the year. Valentine’s is all about love, lust and friendship. Think about what Valentine’s Day means to your business and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy.

Valentine’s Day is a big event, and you need to be ready. Here are a few tips to get your online business ready for Valentine’s.

Purchasing Behaviours

It’s time to do a little research online. Take a look at your industry and see how consumer behaviour changes around this time of year. You might find that sales drop in January only to pick back up in February. Look out for social media trends, potential challenges and how you can utilise Valentine’s this year. You could analyse data from your own business over the last few years – or do some research into the wider industry.

Buying for themselves versus for someone else

New research by Emarsys found that 18% of customers will be gifting something towards themselves on Valentine’s Day this year. Some people choose to celebrate self-love at this time of year instead of focusing on romantic relationships. Your customers might want to indulge in a little luxury and treat themselves to something special.

The research also found that 25% of respondents invested in loungewear in lockdown, and 31% of women said loungewear is their biggest clothing investment. We like to feel comfortable and cosy at home while still feeling our best.

Research like this can inform and inspire your Valentine’s marketing strategy this year.

Social media behaviours

It’s all about digital marketing these days. You need to look at your social platforms and interact with customers. Social media is a fantastic way to gather market research for your wider business. Use Instagram to ask your customers about their Valentine’s plans and run an online competition. You could start a valentine’s campaign on social media, such as The Body Shop’s #sendingakiss contest.

Website behaviours

A landing page is where the customer gets redirected through a link. For example, they may click on a link in an email and land on your home page. The landing page might be the first impression your customer gets of your website. You need to make sure they are impressed and driven to buy something from your business.

You could direct them to the Valentine’s discount sale – with added discounts for members of the brand. Customer loyalty schemes can help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Set up an effective customer loyalty program and watch your sales grow.

You could also include drop-down menus on your website with ‘last-minute Valentine’s gifts for her’ and ‘budget Valentine’s presents.’ Target each page towards your customer and what they are looking for.

Make the most out of Valentine’s this year with a data-driven marketing plan.

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