Finest luxury lighting Ideas You Can’t Miss Out On

  • October 18, 2022
  • 4 min read
Finest luxury lighting Ideas You Can’t Miss Out On

Luxury and home decor are two words that rarely go together especially in Indian households. Most people are yet to understand that luxury lighting can literally give an identity to your homes, lighting fixtures can even lend to the aura of your place. The White Teak Company has an exhaustive catalogue but you don’t have to sweat it out to find the right piece of decor for your homes as we have your back.

Now, to make sure that your living space gets that much-needed touch of opulence, you need loud and luxe lighting fixtures that set the style statement of your home. That kind of grace and that kind of elegance can easily be achieved with two particular lighting elements – chandeliers and floor lamps. Now take a look at our picks for the season…

Chandeliers: Lavish and luxe

Chandeliers are an important addition to your living spaces because they can remodel your entire home and also offer a warm atmosphere to you and to anybody who visits your home. Chandeliers can be as loud and as subtle as you want them to be. It’s all about finding the right piece for your home.

1. Bells and whistles: This is one of the bestselling pieces of The White Teak catalogue and is as grand and as elegant as it gets. Glass tubes enclosed in a matte black metal ring is truly an amazing sight to see. The bulbs housed inside the ring create a halo-like effect lending an unmatchable aura to your living space.

2. King’s gambit: This is the most striking and majestic piece in our collection. Offering a Victorian yet modern design, King’s Gambit comes with crystal beads on a matte gold plated metal frame. The fabric lampshades in black are just the icing on the cake, making this piece brim with a lavish feel.

3. Caesar’s Palace White Marble – Grand: Resplendent, opulent, elegant – you’ll need no more words to describe this beauty. Ideal for very high ceilings, this piece adorns your living room like no other. Marble discs suspended from golden strings lend an unequalled aura to your space and add an opulent touch to your home too.

Floor lamps: Subtle yet grand

Floor lamps are a very modest piece of decor yet you can let them be as loud and as grand as you want them to. Floor lamps are important for a lot of reasons but subtlety and functionality remain on the top. Take a look at our picks for the season to add that stroke of opulence to your homes…

1. Slate Bait: This is one of the most unconventional pieces in our collection is solely for people with an acquired taste for stone veneer. With an LED bulb housed inside extremely thin layers of natural stone, this beauty lends an unmatched presence to your living space. Be it any spot in the home or any desolate corner, this floor lamp has the ability to outshine everything in its field of view.

2. Beauty in bloom: This floor lamp is an absolute masterpiece and if you want to go all out for your floor lamp then this is it. With a danseuse surrounded by matte gold ribbons that house an LED strip with two globes of lights, one near her feet and one on her outstretched arm, this piece becomes a must buy if you’re looking forward to giving your space an unequalled touch of luxury.

3. Thinking of forever: This state-of-the-art floor lamp has an unmatched aura. Sculpted out of marble with a slender figure holding a halo of light, Thinking of forever has a very simple yet striking design. Grand enough to light up any part of your home, this floor lamp also offers a high functionality quotient too.

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