How The Mobile Technology Developed Over The Decades?

  • October 18, 2022
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How The Mobile Technology Developed Over The Decades?

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Mobile technology mainly functions on the technology of Code Division Multiple Access or popularly known as CDMA. The most interesting fact of mobile technology is that it is evolving very fast. Over the years, the use of mobile technology is becoming diverse. It is slowly replacing the similar sources in the market like landline and post office and fax machines. Earlier we used to know mobile phones just for the purpose of making phone calls. It is nowadays used for multi tasking purpose like making phone calls to text messaging to internet browsing to sending emails and images.

Professionals are of the view that the future path of computer technology will depend a lot on mobile computing and wireless technology. Mobile technology through the mode of talet and Smartphone is becoming more acceptable to the general people at large.

Mobile technology was a mystery to the people two years ago, but now it has become a daily utility item to the people, both in the urban and rural areas. Due to it’s diverse uses, it is getting transformed to user comfort technology. When mobile technology first evolved, it was mainly used for sending SMS and making calls. But now mobile technology is being used for a lot of activities in our daily and business life. The mobile technology has also helped to transfer files to other person’s device with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In the business front, mobile technology is playing a major role. Many companies are opening their websites and doing marketing of their products through social media network and customers all over the world are being able to watch them through Smartphone. So getting information on any subject has become very easier for the people in general. Sitting in any corner of the world, you can access to any information which you may want and that too, instantly. Now a days people shall not have to run to pillar to post for need of any information, thanks to the development of mobile technology.

People are also watching movies and television serials right from the comfort of their home, in addition to watching sports and playing games. In one word, mobile technology has helped to get access to all types of entertainment sitting right from the comfort of home.

When you are travelling, you can also locate the position of any place by making the use of mobile technology. You can book your train tickets with the help of Internet or data provided in your Smartphone. There is no need to go to the station for booking of your train tickets. The advancement of mobile technology has helped the people to solve many of their problems and this has helped in many ways to save the time and resources of people in their day to day life.

Video call conferencing is another great feature of mobile technology which had helped the businessmen to a great extent. Businessmen can held meetings with their clients or even with their own outstation staff with the help of video conferencing. It has helped to reduce the cost of travelling to a great extent.

Mobile technology has helped the banking industry to a great extent. Banks have initiated mobile banking apps to help their customers do business transactions from their mobile Smartphone. This has helped the banks to a great extent as accumulation of crowd at the bank branches has reduced a lot and this very vital during the Covid period. Customers also find the process to be very useful as they can complete their bank transactions with the mobile in their hands. They do not have to go to the bank to complete their bank transactions. Among all the business houses, banking industry is the one which is mostly benefitted by the development of mobile technology.

The use of mobile phones became more popular with the advent of the Smartphone in the market. Smartphone used to operate on different operating systems. Various brands of Smartphone are available in the market and each of them used to operate in their own operating system. The different operating systems which are available for the Smartphone are BlackBerry, webos, Android, symbian, iOS and many more.

Nowadays, the Android operating system is the one which is the most popular. This operating system has been developed by Google. The Android is the first and the only open source operating system. It is because of this reason that the operating system can be ported to any cell phone in the world.

BlackBerry operating system was developed mainly for the BlackBerry smartphone. This operating system was found to be very much useful for multi-tasking. Moreover, it also helps in aiding some of the specific inputs. Another famous operating system is Ios, which has been developed by Apple. This system was basically made for the Apple made iPhone, iPad and others.

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