How to Restore your Emotional & Physical Energy

  • October 17, 2022
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How to Restore your Emotional & Physical Energy

Sometimes, it doesn’t take long to pinpoint the cause of our fatigue. Stress in the workplace, family commitments, and even seasonal changes can all play their part. Moreover, with the passing of the years, it generally becomes more difficult to cope with intense periods. But how can we help our body restore energy and raise energy level?

Here, we will provide you with tips on restoring emotional energy, raising the energy level, and how to have more energy. Let’s go!

Levels of Energy

In our daily work, different energies are needed to complete various tasks. Here are the different energy levels in the body and how they help restore your body for everyday activities:

Physical energy

The body is the foundation of energy management. Without sufficient physical energy, we cannot discuss other energies. Proper diet and physical activity are good ways to raise energy levels.

Emotional energy

The energy provided by food should be well understood by everyone, but the energy contained in emotions is easily overlooked, and emotions are the easiest to change. Some feelings can replenish energy, like peace, love, and joy, while some dissipate energy, like anger and pride.

Intellectual energy

This is our cognition of the world or our thinking mode. The prefrontal cortex controls our intellectual energy. Different people have different thinking modes, and the driving forces generated by different thinking modes are different. For example, playing games and learning new things helps to fuel this energy. See here what Jim Kwik have for you in this case.


This is a person’s courage and belief in living according to the deepest value. The more you pursue beyond personal goals, the more motivation will be produced. Also, motivation may make up for other energy deficiencies.

How to Check Recovery Level

Now we have learned about the various energy levels of our body and how they matter to our various activities. Later in this article, we’ll also learn how to raise energy levels. But how can we check our recovery level?

With technological innovations like Welltory, we can measure the effects of our various recovery techniques. Connecting Welltory with other biometric apps to gather more data helps us evaluate these techniques and determine which restoration measures work best.

It is essential to check your energy and stress levels every morning. This way, you can track your energy levels and the effects of the recovery techniques. 

How to Get Motivation

Motivation is that initial force that pushes you to follow a path to achieve your goals. Conversely, the lack of motivation leads to giving up your projects and brilliant ideas. Here are some practical steps to take:

Set Goals

Goal-setting is an effective way of spurring yourself to better performance. Whether it’s the smallest or the biggest dream of your life, you need to have a clear idea in mind. Writing down your goals will help you a lot to find the motivation to reach them. Also, ensure you break down your task into units and try to respect them. 


You will never have an adequate and constant motivational boost if you are anxious and depressed. Meditation helps you to manage stressful situations and stimulates self-esteem.

Love What You Do

Have you ever noticed that when you are taken by passion, you do not notice the time passing, you do not feel tired, and you find strength?

When you find value in what you do, all your senses become more active, and you become more creative. 

How to Recover from Physical Fatigue

Generally, all you need to do is to relax, and here are ways to do so:

Get more sleep

Your body needs sleep to recharge. If you have trouble sleeping, try to discover a better routine, like going to bed and waking up at regular times. Also, reading before bed can help you sleep better. Also, it is best to turn off your screens at least half an hour before bedtime.

Exercise more

Can you regain energy without sleep? The answer is “yes.”We know you’re too tired to work out, but muscle relaxation techniques and exercising can positively affect your energy levels. Even a short 15-minute walk a day will help you restore your energy. Moving increases the release of endorphins, true wellness molecules that will also help you fight mental fatigue.

Reduce your stress

It’s hard to avoid, but stress is a common cause of fatigue. So learning to identify its causes and deal with them will pay off. A hot bath, mind puzzles, and listening to music are all activities that can help you relax. You can also engage in meditation to restore energy. 


Sex is a fun way to recover from fatigue. Orgasm helps lower your stress hormone cortisol and thus, makes you get a deep sleep after sex.

How to Restore Your Mental Energy

Physical fatigue sounds familiar to all of us, but mental fatigue can be detrimental, which translates into sadness, boredom, and stress. However, if you identify the source of these negative feelings and act accordingly, your brain will thank you. Here are some tips to regain your mental energy:

Water therapy 

When you feel mentally exhausted, wash your face, and if you can, take a shower. When you get out of the shower, you will see with different eyes what surpassed you.

Express your emotions

Keeping negative feelings for yourself, such as fear, anxiety, or stress, is not the best way to overcome them. Instead, talking about it with someone else will help you solve the problem.

Listen to music

Music is one of the best medicines against bad moods and anxiety. Songs that give you good vibes will take effect almost immediately.

Do what you love

With daily routines, we forget to enjoy everything we do because we negatively face tasks. Therefore, taking time to do what you like is essential to meet your daily tasks from a positive perspective.

Food to Restore Energy

To have more energy, it is necessary to completely eradicate unprocessed foods, which range from sugary drinks to snacks, pre-cooked meals, and energy drinks. Also, it is crucial to reduce your caffeine intake. Here are foods that help restore energy:

Green leafy vegetables

They are low in calories but provide an impressive amount of carbohydrates and antioxidants. In addition, they help to minimize the presence of free radicals that are released during sports. A good recipe is the baby spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts, and feta.


Today nuts are recognized as one of the ideal foods to improve the quality of the diet. They are recommended for athletes since they provide protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

Brown rice

It is essential to ensure a source of integral carbohydrates in the diet, be it rice, cereals, or pasta. Although integral carbohydrates can help us get the energy we need, it is not recommended to abuse the amounts if we lead a sedentary life.


They are a source of high-quality protein, fat-soluble lipids, vitamins, and minerals, among which vitamins B and D, selenium, zinc, and iron stand out. They promote the synthesis of muscle proteins.


Due to its complex carbohydrate content, it promotes glycogen synthesis and reduces muscle fatigue.


Having a balance of your physical and emotional energies will help you enjoy every situation. Thanks to technology, you can sync Welltory with other biometric apps to monitor your recovery levels and balance your energy levels.

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