Importance Of Instagram Followers

  • October 18, 2022
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Importance Of Instagram Followers

Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger created an application that focused on video sharing and offered a high variety of filters to capture attention-grabbing, more aesthetically pleasing videos. This application was launched on October 6, 2010. In 2012, April, Facebook purchased Instagram for a net worth of one billion US dollars including stocks. Now available in over 32 languages, Instagram is one of the world’s highest visited websites and downloaded apps. The main goal of Instagram is to enable people to share videos and experience their day-to-day lives with graphics.

How does Instagram work?

Nowadays it feels like everyone has an Instagram account, from major fashion brands to tech, cultural institutions to musicians and artists, various small businesses and entrepreneurs, they all have an Instagram account where they try to engage an audience, also called their Instagram followers. To enjoy Instagram to its full potential, here is a thorough guideline.

  • Install the Instagram app. The application is available for free on Andriod, IOS, and Windows devices. The app is not fully equipped for an iPad but one can still enjoy everything by changing their settings. On downloading, one has to register.
  • Instagram gives you the option of logging in with a Facebook account or make a new account altogether. While making a new account, the person is asked for basic details like their email address, their phone, their desired username, etc. For people who want a personal and a business account, Instagram does give the option of staying logged in two accounts at the same time.
  • Setting up one’s profile is the next step while making an Instagram account. This is where one can keep track of the number of Instagram followers they have and tap into the settings. All pictures, videos, and reels ever posted are visible here. It is important to keep one’s profile photo, bio, and feed updated as that’s what Instagram followers first set their eyes on. One can also include a link to their website or any other social media platform in their bio. Adding one’s location can also serve at targeting a specific kind of audience.
  • Instagram gives you the power to control the notifications. Whether one wants to get pinged after gaining more Instagram followers or after receiving alike, one needs to be able to control their level of engagement.
  • Instagram at its basic core level is an app designed to share videos and gain engagement with a set of Instagram followers. This is made possible by the unique design of their app which is easy to navigate through. The search and explore tab on the bottom of the screen helps a user find more content creators that they might be interested in. The profile tab is used to view your profile and update your bio or summary. The activity tab tells one about the tags and likes they are receiving on the content they posted and the upload button is held one can edit and post videos as well as pictures available on their galleries.
  • Instagram can be what you want it to be. One can maintain a low profile and enjoy voyeurism by merely using the app for entertainment purposes or one can use it to promote their business and get their Instagram followers to buy their products or services.

Learn how to edit videos to attract Instagram followers

When uploading on Instagram, one needs to click the big plus sign button and choose the recorded video or the picture from the given camera’s role or feed. One can add different filters to these posts to match the vibe and aesthetic the user wants to go for and click the share button. It is crucial to post regularly and staying relative to your audience’s interest as they might lose that interest otherwise.

Adding captions are important to a post. That caption defines and summarises the purpose of the given post. It attracts traffic in the form of Instagram followers one can always have a little fun with them. Emojis or quirky phrases are highly humourous in captions. Similarly tagging someone in your Instagram post can also increase the engagement of the audience and they understand your vision more.

Using the location tag is another amazing feature provided by Instagram to increase the connection between the user and their Instagram followers. The location tags enable others to view where the post was made or the photo was taken. It can be especially useful for business owners like restaurant owners as food videos can attract customers to the given location. Instagram also allows you to post the same post on other social media platforms as well like Facebook without any hassle.

Instagram Stories

As an influencer, it is crucial to be on top of your story game. To keep up with the ever-evolving needs of the generations, adapt to trends, and keep improving their application, Instagram keeps coming up with new updates and features. One of their most successful features is stories. These pictures and short videos can be viewed by one’s Instagram followers for up to 24 hours. These stories do not only have different filters one can place on them but also polls, tags, stickers, text tab, songs lyrics, quizzes, tags for an online store or petition for a humanitarian cause, etc. Stories are most viewed by Instagram followers as they are the easiest way to stay updated on the lives of the audience’s favorite influencer or celebrity.

Another, very convenient feature of Instagram is Instagram Live. This option allows the users to go live on Instagram where all their followers are welcome to join them and ask them questions. The user can be showcasing a project they are working on and demonstrating a live update. The user can invite other influencers to join them on the life as well and talk to their audiences in a very organic manner. This allows them to develop a stronger bond. Instagram is deserving of holding its place on the ladder of success.

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