Best Institutions In India For An M-Tech Degree In DS

  • October 18, 2022
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Best Institutions In India For An M-Tech Degree In DS

M. Tech Data Science is a two-year postgraduate degree that aims to teach data science methods and ideas such as statistics, data mining, data warehousing, and data visualization. The curriculum prepares students to apply their understanding of Big Data computing techniques and technologies to real-world challenges encountered in a variety of sectors. This program is beneficial for individuals who want to improve and use their abilities in order to gain a complete understanding of data science and engineering. Some of the features include the capacity to collect, analyze, and manage a vast number of heterogeneous data resources that are independent of hardware and software resources. The program includes courses that must be learned as mandatory electives, as well as fundamental computer science and engineering disciplines.

Importance of M-Tech Degree in Data Science

Data Science fuels the future

For decades, technological progress was mostly driven by greater hardware processing power, opening up new possibilities. Now that traditional hardware is reaching physical limits, the emphasis has shifted to software-driven applications. Because of its enormous potential, data has been dubbed “the oil of the digital economy,” where one might say it will fuel our future. Data analysis enables whole new generations of technical solutions, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), which are currently undergoing significant changes.

Career Opportunities

Data and information have become crucial in a variety of sectors. With the advancement of computer power and digital storage comes a plethora of new options that, only ten to fifteen years ago, were unthinkable. That is why data is so critical to all organisations at all levels. Data professionals are required not only in large IT and software organizations but also in banking and finance, automotive, energy, healthcare, transportation, retail, and practically any other industry you can think of. And, because data drives choices from tiny regional offices to the boardroom, graduates from Data Science study programs will be involved in critical strategic decision-making processes. The job titles that one will come across are as varied as the tasks which will be given. You will be a valued team member in various sections of an organization if you are a specialist who knows how to “crunch the figures.”

Typical job titles include: Engineer in Analytics, Manager of Analytics, Engineer in Big Data Analyst, Business Data Engineer, Data Visualization Expert, Engineer in Business Intelligence, Statistician.

Incredible Job Prospects

Data scientists are in great demand, and firms are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill unfilled positions. To meet demand, institutions have increased the amount of master’s degrees in data engineering and data analytics. With potential employers competing for them, university graduates are now in a good position to demand high wages. Your chances improve much more if you have a postgraduate degree: According to Joblift research, 50% of all data science job advertisements require applicants to have a postgraduate qualification. That implies that obtaining a Master’s degree in Data Science effectively doubles your work opportunities in the sector.

Top colleges in India offering M-tech Degree in Data Science

Top data science institutions in India provide a variety of degrees and certificates, including diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. IIM Kolkata, Madras Christian College, Madras, IIT Madras, Manipal University of Higher Education, Manipal, Loyola College, and many more are among the finest colleges in India that offer data science courses.

  • In India, there are 134 colleges that offer courses in data science. There are 118 private colleges among them.
  • The average fee for data science in India varies depending on the format. For example, the typical price for an online course ranges from INR 10,000 to 50,000. It ranges between INR 6-10 L for UG courses and INR 7-15 L for PG programmes.
  • Admission to the best data science universities is mostly made through several entrance tests like JEE Mains, IIT JAM, CUCET, DA IICT entrance exam, CET, and many more.
  • Aditya Birla Group Data and Analytics (DNA) cell, Course 5 intelligence, Genpact, and Tredence are among the top recruiters who visit institutions providing data science degrees.
College NameTotal Fees
IIT MadrasINR 1 Lakh
Loyola Academy Degree and PG College, SecunderabadINR 1.21 Lakhs
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, ManipalINR 3 Lakhs
ICFAI Business School, HyderabadINR 35,000
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, KrishnankovilINR 1.01 Lakhs
George Group of Colleges, KolkataINR 2.37 Lakhs
Navrachana University, VadodaraINR 2.02 Lakhs
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhi NagarINR 2.88 Lakhs
NIMAS, KolkataINR 2.89 Lakhs
JK Lakshmipat University, JaipurINR 2.83 Lakhs

Let us discuss some of the top institutions of India offering an M-Tech Degree in DS.

1. Great Learning

Great Learning has built a curriculum keeping working professionals in mind. One can learn from a broad curriculum taught by world-class professors. It also helps with your study path and dedicated career assistance. Data Science and Machine Learning principles will be addressed in four modules in the first year of this M.Tech in Data Science and Machine Learning program in conjunction with PES University, followed by an M.Tech Thesis and an intense capstone project in the second. The lessons will be held on weekends, and the part-time MTech in data science curriculum covers all of the basics of data science and prepares applicants with industry-required skills. This program has the Best Data Science Certification Online.

2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

The IIT Hyderabad is a top university in India offering Masters in Data Science. It is one of the oldest and most recognised groupings of independent institutions. The M. Tech in Data Science has a class size of 35 students, and a minimum of two years of work experience is required.

3. Indian Institute of Science (IISC)

The century-old IISC in Bangalore is another high-quality college that provides an M.Tech. in Computational and Data Sciences, which is a full Masters in Data Science program.

4. IIM Calcutta 

The Indian Institute of Management, like the IITs, is the top group of public management institutes in India. The Calcutta IIM provides an Advanced Programme in Data Sciences (APDS) twice a week via the VCNow platform, and it is one of India’s premier master’s programmes in data science.

5. BITS Pilani

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, is one of the six ‘Institutes of Eminence’ recognised by the Government of India, and it offers one of the top data science master’s programs in India. The M.Tech Data Science and Engineering program at BITS is intended for working professionals.

6. Symbiosis Centre for International Education

The Symbiosis Group, which was created in 1971, is a deemed university. Many people hold high regard for its SCIE institute in Pune. It provides a Master of Business Administration – Data Sciences and Data Analytics degree (MBA-DS&DA). This is one of the data science master’s programs in India that requires a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.


With each passing year, the number of courses provided in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence grows, as does the number of specialists required in the sector. India has consistently produced some of the world’s brightest minds in computer science, and all of the aforementioned are some of the best masters in data science India has to offer. If you are thinking about pursuing a master’s degree in data science, enroll fora as it is the best time to do so.

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