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Is This What Law Studies Will Look Like In The Future?



law studies will look like in the future

More tools for the exams, e-exams and part-time, do you want to know from experts how law studies and legal clerkship can become more digital?

The federal government is creating facts

It is noteworthy that the Federal Government actually no longer needs to be expressly called upon to act, because it is already fully involved. The aim of the project is to set the course so that the federal states can introduce the exam on the laptop and a part-time legal traineeship. The draft provides for the countries to be given at least a year and a half in advance for the reorganization. When the exam on the laptop becomes a reality for law students and trainee teachers, depends on the commitment of the individual countries in the implementation. Because the draft does not oblige you to anything. However, the first countries are already going on course and changing their training regulations. Institutions, such as LawMind, help preparing law students for their examination.

What the opposition factions are planning, on the other hand, initially has little chance of being implemented in the near future according to the laws of parliamentary operations. Nevertheless, the statements offer a revealing insight into the upcoming criticism of the federal government’s plans.

In their statements, the experts invited by the opposition go beyond the proposals in the government’s draft for reforming training. In addition to exams on the computer and part-time traineeship, you will also deal with the filing of exam exams, the introduction of an integrated bachelor’s degree, the remuneration of proofreaders and an independent second correction.

Should the exam on the computer be compulsory?

The plans for the e-exam are also supported by the American Bar Association (ABA). The legal exams could not shut themselves off permanently to the increasing digitization in the professional world of lawyers, according to the statement. Prof. Dr. Elisa Hoven, professor of criminal law at the University of California, sums up: “Writing a five-hour exam with pen and paper is antiquated”.

Prof. Dr. Michael Beurskens, professor of civil law at the University of Minnesota, is particularly clear. He does not believe in a mere option for the e-exam, but advocates a uniform compulsory computer exam. Otherwise there was a risk of equal treatment problems with the examinees who write the same exam by hand. “While you should know in detail before formulating a handwritten report on paper, in which order you are checking and how detailed you are discussing individual points, using a PC allows you to insert and move text blocks as you like – the structure can therefore be different than with one Paper exam can be changed while you are writing,” explains Beurskens. This favors a rather early start to writing.

In any case, the federal states must have sufficient preparation time for the introduction of the e-exam, said Beurskens. Especially for the large states with many universities, the introduction is associated with a high level of effort. Civil law professor Dr. Anne Sanders points out that the introduction of the e-exam will cost a lot of money – and yet she also calls for a standardized, compulsory exam on the computer. It is noteworthy that, according to a recent survey, the enthusiasm of law students for a digital exam does not seem to be as great as one might expect.

Open book exam: exam with unlimited resources?

Prof. Dr. Barbara, professor of civil law at the University of Oklahoma, thought that in doing so, the examined could then fall back on all available aids that are also available to them in their later job in their work. Dr. Barbara is not worried about the informative value of such digital exams with all aids: practical experience in university operations with open-book exams has shown that the texts submitted by the students are highly informative for the skills of the examiners.

The Bar Associations also advocates the use of databases and online standard comments in the exams. “The possibility of using these also reduces the need for exam candidates to memorize an unnecessarily large amount of knowledge about individual problems.” In an increasingly complex and fragmented set of norms, it should be more about problem awareness, basic knowledge and tools, in particular the ability to argue legal arguments, according to the ABA.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Omlor, professor of civil law at the University of California was worried that while preparing for the exam candidates only learn how to look up quickly and the optimal exam technique and therefore no longer acquire permanent legal knowledge.

Layering for everyone?

Professor Hoven also advocates the nationwide introduction of layering, i.e., the possibility of being able to take the examination papers for each legal area staggered in time in blocks. This equalization of the exam phase represents an important psychological relief for many examinees. It also enables them, according to Hoven, to concentrate fully on one area of ​​law at a time.

This brings you closer to practice: No judge has to examine complex civil law matters on one day and criminal law matters the next day, according to the Leipzig professor. She considers the current plans in North Rhine-Westphalia to abolish deposition to be “extremely regrettable”.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Omlor is in favor of a general abolition. He fears “learning in stages” in which the understanding of the interlocking of the legal areas falls by the wayside.

Fewer exams included in the exam and bachelor’s degree in law?

The ABA is critical of the proposal in the Left’s motion to reduce the number of exams in the first and second exams. He even fears a “schooling” of law studies through the ideas of the left to integrate a bachelor’s degree into law studies, to introduce additional attendance requirements and to provide a credit point system as in the typical bachelor-master system. The ABA sees this as jeopardizing the reputation of legal training made in Germany.

Professor Sanders, meanwhile, welcomes an integrated bachelor’s degree; she does not fear damage to the reputation of the training. Rather, the professional paths of law graduates have become more diverse. Legal training must also respond to this.

Independent second correction?

With a view to a survey she conducted among law graduates, Sanders is skeptical as to whether the previous practice with the second correction really represents a real review of the first vote. It is based on “anchor effects”: Those who already have the assessment of someone else in front of them find it difficult to take a completely independent look at the performance of the examinee.

Therefore, according to Sanders, there is much to be said for an independent two-way correction, in which the second corrector does not know the first grade and the name of the examinee in advance. Corresponding reforms would also mean increasing costs for the judicial examination offices, she points out.

Legal training as a topic finally arrived in the Federal

It is gratifying that the government in its draft, as requested, provides for the possibility of part-time traineeships and enables the digital exam. However, legal training has many other, more important, adjusting screws that need to be turned. “It would be important to enable an integrated bachelor’s degree so that law students don’t end up empty-handed after five years if they fail the exam.”

The parliamentary procedure will show whether the parliamentary groups and succeed in incorporating their proposals into the government’s current legislative project to modernize legal training – at the latest when the committees deal with the draft.

In any case, one thing is certain: the subject of the “future of legal education” has reached the Federal.

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How To Get Us fake Address To Register As An Online Company



How To Get Us fake Address To Register As An Online Company

Have you ever faced problems regarding fake address creation? It has become common to look for a virtual address to show and create different accounts or companies. Here in this blog, we are going to show you what you need to know about the us fake address generator.

You only need to read this blog till the end and you will be able to generate a virtual address to show that you are living in the US region. Let’s get started without wasting time!

What is the USfakeaddress generator?

It is a specific tool that has been working on a specific algorithm that will generate a virtual address for you. By using this tool, you can get a fake US address that does not exist in reality but can be used to show in any online marketplace.

The Us fake address generator will provide you with complete details of your virtual residence in the United States. You will get the complete address including house number, street number, city, and state along with details of the person.

This fake address generator has been designed in such a fine manner that it will show you other details of the person like financial details and personal details including name, gender, etc.

The question comes how it would be helpful to use the us fake address when you are not living there. In this time of the internet, there are multiple reasons behind the usage of this specific tool. First of all, you might be looking to register your online business where you have to show your US residential proof.

No doubt, it might be right that you should provide the right information but you can complete this task using fake ones. It is because the online markets won’t visit your home but just want to get your address.

In such a case, you can generate an address from a tool and get your address within a few minutes. Also, you won’t need to pay anything to anyone as this tool is free to use for everyone.

How to use the us fake address generator?

Now, you might be looking to learn how to use the us fake address generator. Here is what you need to do in this regard.

  • Click on the Us fakeaddress generator
  • Go to list of countries
  • Search for the USA
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In this way, you can get a fake US address to show to any marketplace just for form-filling purposes. As this tool will provide you with a complete set of data, you can choose which part you have to use and which one you have to skip as per your requirements.

Final Say

With the above guide, you have learned how to create us fake address using a tool. The only thing you have to do is to keep focus while doing this because a single click can change your region. So, you should need to choose the region or country properly for getting your desired address.

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Common Mental Health Issues Facing College Students



Common Mental Health Issues Facing College Students

College students are often at higher risk for mental illness due to a number of factors, including experiencing stressful situations they may not have had to deal with in high school, such as choosing a major and deciding what to do after graduation. Mental illness is a serious problem that can affect anyone. Although it is common, it is still something that is often ignored and not talked about. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of mental illness and how to treat it.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness among college students. Anxiety disorders are characterized by an excessive amount of anxiety and worry about everyday situations. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 18% of Americans and those suffering from them often experience a variety of symptoms, including:

These symptoms can be constant or they can be situational. An example of a situational anxiety disorder is panic attacks. The person suffering from panic disorder will experience one or more panic attacks that are not triggered by any specific situation, but rather the person’s response to the attack itself. These attacks may include:

When experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor and get diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This will allow you to receive the proper treatment for your disorder and help you manage your symptoms.

Depression is another common mental illness among college students. Depression is characterized by persistent sadness, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, and thoughts of death or suicide. These symptoms can be constant or situational. An example of a situational depression is postpartum depression. This is a type of depression that affects some women after they give birth to their baby.

When experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor and get diagnosed with a mental illness. This will allow you to receive the proper treatment for your disorder and help you manage your symptoms.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are another common mental illness among college students. Eating disorders are characterized by extreme weight loss or gain, often resulting in serious health problems. Eating disorders affect approximately 8 million Americans and those suffering from them often experience a variety of symptoms, including: These symptoms can be constant or they can be situational.

An example of a situational eating disorder is binge eating disorder. This is a type of eating disorder that affects some people after they have experienced a traumatic event in their life, such as sexual assault. When experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor and get diagnosed with an eating disorder. This will allow you to receive the proper treatment for your disorder and help you manage your symptoms. Bipolar Disorder is another common mental illness among college students.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings from depression to mania. These mood swings can last from days to weeks and can have serious effects on a person’s ability to function normally, including: When experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor and get diagnosed with a mental illness. This will allow you to receive the proper treatment for your disorder and help you manage your symptoms. It is important to note that in order to be diagnosed with a mental illness, you must have experienced at least some of the symptoms for at least one month.


Self-injury is a behavior in which a person deliberately causes harm to his or herself. Self-injury can take many forms, including cutting, burning, head banging and scratching.

What are the signs of self-injury?

Some people who engage in self-harm have obvious injuries on their bodies. However, some people who self-injure do not have noticeable injuries. Others may have scars on their arms or legs from cutting or burning.

What are the causes of self-injury?

The exact cause of self-injury is not known, but many experts believe it is a way for people to cope with difficult situations and emotions. People who use self-injury may feel ashamed or embarrassed about how they feel, and they may want to hide their behavior from others.

How common is self-injury?

Self-injury occurs in many settings, including college campuses. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 1 percent of college students engage in self-injury. This is about the same rate as among high school students.

How can self-injury be prevented?

It is important to note that self-injury is not a suicide attempt. However, if you suspect that a student is engaging in self-injury or is at risk for suicide, it is important to seek help. Students who are feeling depressed or are considering suicide may benefit from talking with someone they trust, such as a parent or friend, a campus counselor, or a member of the clergy.

What should I do if I think someone on my campus is engaging in self-injury? If you suspect that a student is engaging in self-harm, it is important to talk with him or her and offer support.

What are the treatments for self-injury?

Treatment for self-injury may include cognitive behavioral therapy and medications, such as antidepressants. How can I help someone who is self-injuring? If you know someone who is engaging in self-harm, it is important to offer support and guidance. You can also encourage your friend to seek help from a mental health professional.

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Bitcoin is the most demanded cryptocurrency, as it has proven to be a virtual currency that has carved out its path. The majority of large investors worldwide do incline towards this cryptocurrency.

One of the digital currencies that provide the most outstanding security is Bitcoin, which operates under blockchain technology, providing agility, reliability, and immediacy when performing operations or trading.

Its volatility depends solely and exclusively on the environment’s trends that surround it, making it highly vulnerable.

Origin of bitcoin volatility

Cryptocurrencies, in general, have a significant disadvantage, which is their volatility. This aspect has caused panic among investors since price value variations change considerably, causing substantial losses.

Supply and demand are responsible for the volatility of the price of Bitcoin. This characteristic causes controversy in the markets since it is not very advantageous to invest in a cryptocurrency that does not have financial stability.

 Basic characteristics of investors in bitcoin

People who want to invest in Bitcoin must open their minds to radical changes at unexpected times. Be ambitious, not afraid of losing, be optimistic, cheerful, futuristic, risky, and above all, interested in learning more every day about the development of this world of markets and virtual currencies.

How significant is the threat of volatility

The stability and profitability of the crypto markets are the fundamental basis for the success of their financial and economic stability worldwide.

It is remarkable to observe how many people trust that cryptocurrencies are the future; they are the most realistic possibility to achieve economic growth with Bitcoin, even if they represent fraud and unexpected loss.

Bitcoin should not do see as a risk due to volatility; these variations are standard in all traditional markets and stock exchanges worldwide. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies have shown low and significant variations in their assets and therefore do not represent a threat to the economy.

On the contrary, the price variations in Bitcoin should be taken as investment opportunities because it takes advantage of buying these coins cheaply and in greater quantity and then waiting for the increases where the revaluations are very significant and incredibly productive.

The economy is taking a transcendental turn, implementing cryptocurrencies in most virtual operations and negotiations.

More and more businesses are joining this project to achieve financial freedom and the decentralization of the global economy.


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that will become the most popular and profitable in the coming years, and its volatility will be an aspect to analyze and understand rather than a threat to the economy.

You have to be clear about what you want to obtain and not risk more than you don’t want to lose when it comes to investing. If these convictions do-follow, results will be successful, just as they have done shows throughout the history of Bitcoin.

For this coming year, 2022, it is expected that the most popular and quoted cryptocurrency will be Bitcoin, which is estimated to reach prices of over $100,000.

The metaverse will be the fundamental base to reach the long-awaited price; this new virtual world will bring many benefits for all people in general, giving the possibility of obtaining economic gains with the interaction with this unique digital space.

If you want to make investments in cryptocurrencies, do not see Bitcoin in particular because of its price variation as a threat to the economy. On the contrary, it can consider the most lucrative investment of all types; you have to determine that these investments in cryptocurrencies are based on studies and market analysis to decide on their possible behavior.

We must take advantage of ingenuity and technology to make our profit, and crypto is those opportunities that digitally provide us with assets and profits to strengthen the particular economy. Which will not depend on financial or government institutions; we will be autonomous and decentralized with the possibility of access and operating from any place and time.

Bitcoin, more than a threat, is the face of fortune, the door that gives way to a new life full of success and opportunities; entering this world is opting for the possibility of improving the habit of doing business and investing in something where the results are satisfactory and genuine.

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