Should The Internet Be A Free Space: Arguments In Favour Of Anti-Copyright

  • October 18, 2022
  • 4 min read
Should The Internet Be A Free Space: Arguments In Favour Of Anti-Copyright

Those days are now long gone when using the internet used to be a luxury. At present, the internet has become one of the basic requirements. The Internet is now an immense part of our everyday life. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we do not think we can survive long without the internet. 

During this global coronavirus pandemic, the internet has become our best friend. Whether it is studies, work, or entertainment, the internet is serving us well. From downloading study and work assistance applications to downloading movies and games, the pirate bay is offering everything to us. 

Just the same way, whether it is an office meeting or online classes, we are now so dependent on all these things that we can not imagine our lives without them. 

Now, the question is should the internet be free for all? 

Is copyright taking away our basic rights? 

Here in this article, we will talk about the never-ending arguments in favor of anti-copyright. But before heading to the anti-copyright purposes, we should have a basic idea about the main purpose of copyright. 

The Main Purpose Of Copyright

Copyright law was developed with the sole purpose of helping solo or singular artists. Suppose you are an artist, now your artworks are copied and distributed freely on the internet. How will you feel?

Of course, you will not feel good at all because you are not getting paid for the artwork you have created. Now. Suppose your artwork is copyright proof. So, in case someone copies your artwork and tries to make a profit from it without your prior permission, you can take legal action against the person. 

The copyright law will instruct the person to pay you an amount for the damage that has been caused to you. 

Copyright laws are developed or created in order to protect original artworks from the evil eyes of some evil people and maintain the authenticity of any form of artwork. Whether it is a movie, a music video, a painting, developed software, or an application, everything should have copyright in order to protect its authenticity. 

But in most cases, the scenario becomes really different. Now, as you have got the basic idea about the main purpose of copyright, it is time to know the reason behind the arguments in favor of anti-copyright. 

Arguments In favor Of Anti-copyright

Most of the copyright laws are complicated and vague. That is why there are some loopholes, which are used mostly for harassing sole artists. This is what the anti-copyright community believes. 

These beliefs have not developed without any proper reasons. There are actually several reasons. It prevents the sole artists from creating new artwork inspired by the already existing one. 

Suppose you love making remixes, so you have created an art piece inspired by an existing one. Now the music company, which has created the original one, can file a lawsuit against you demanding that you have copied the art piece, and it is damaging the collection of their own art piece. 

Now, think, after experiencing an incident like this, will you again think of creating a remix of an existing art piece?

No one will think about it. 

So, from this, we can say that due to the fear of the power of large music companies who do not have a lack of legal professionals can anytime attack anyone with the help of those complicated and vague copyright laws. 

On the other hand, the anti-copyright committee also thinks that internet content should be accessible for all free of cost. It will be not only beneficial for spreading artwork at every corner of the world but also encourage talented individuals. 


There is no doubt that copyright laws and regulations were developed in order to protect art pieces, but at the same time, it is also preventing talented individuals from creating new art pieces by taking inspiration from the existing ones. 

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