5 Character Traits that TikTok Stars have that Followers Love

  • October 20, 2022
  • 5 min read
5 Character Traits that TikTok Stars have that Followers Love

There’s a multitude of TikTok content creators out there who have a lot of followers, and they make a variety of content in hopes of impressing and entertaining these audiences.

Have you ever wondered how do these TikTok stars regularly entice users to follow them on the platform with every video upload?

Well, one of the remarkable characteristics that is very noticeable amongst these TikTok stars are the characters they display and share in their videos.

Each of these users employ a persona that allows them to get into the moment or scene that they wish to portray, depending on their chosen theme. Having a niche in these categories can greatly increase your TikTok followers.

While each video upload may contain a different feel to it, just like how movies invoke different emotions, there are some TikTok stars that adopt a certain personality in almost all their content, since that is how they want the audience to see them as.

This article lists and explores the different character traits that TikTok stars employ that you might want to consider while making your content.

  1. Humorous

Many content creators adopt a persona that makes fun of themselves, and they have fun with it. They try to portray hyperbolic stereotypes and make fun of things.

While this is a character trait mostly seen in comedians and those who love making jokes or pulling harmless pranks, if you can try to act and talk funny in a way that it’s entertaining, then you might want to consider going by this trait.

Here we have an example of a person who adopts an “uncle” persona that the audience finds extremely funny, and if you’ve seen his content then you’ll know that he is different compared to the character he usually portrays in his videos.

  • Confident

Fans and followers on TikTok really like TikTok stars who are confident and love to express themselves and are not afraid of criticisms from haters or judgmental individuals.

There are numerous content creators who make videos of themselves doing what they want, say what they want, and be themselves without having to employ a different persona.

If you believe that you can handle the pressure knowing that people will see who you truly are in real life as well as on camera then we believe it’s best if you just be yourself and be confident in the videos you make, and you’ll get more TikTok followers that way.

Here we have an example of a person who enjoys living life everyday being themselves, loving themselves, and sharing all these moment with their fans and followers.

  • Cute

There are a lot of TikTok users and followers who would like some fluff in their lives and watch TikTok stars make videos of themselves being cute and doing cute things.

They come in a large variety, by taking videos of themselves showcasing or playing with their pets and the like. The bottom line is, if the content is eye candy and visually appealing to the viewers, then it is considered a cute persona and character trait.

If you think that you are cute and know how to act that way (cute traits include but are not limited to being shy, giggling, etc.) then this might be the best persona for you to portray in your content.

Here we have an example of a person who portrays a cute persona not because she’s doing it for content, but because it’s just the way she acts in real life.

  • Heroic

Empathy is defined as being able to feel and adopt the emotion of a person whom you may not know but can see and is something that is evident for all TikTok users, viewers, and followers as they continually browse and watch content in TikTok.

There are numerous TikTok content creators who would make videos to tell a story, and some of these can be tearjerking, happy, or accomplishing. And there are the kinds of people who would make videos encouraging people to be better or impart a lesson to their audiences.

These are the kind of people who genuinely wish good things for their viewers, and if you think that you’re capable of making videos that will inspire people to improve or to do great things then you might want to adopt a heroic and inspiring persona in your videos.

Here we have an example of a person who creates content that inspires people and leaves a lesson to be learned for their viewers, followers, and audiences.

  • Engaging & Sociable

There exists a boundary that separates viewers from content creators in all social media, much particularly also in TikTok. However, there are some content creators that would try to make a hole in that wall and would go out of their way to interact and communicate with them.

There are many ways to do this, meet & greets, podcasts, Q&A sessions, etc. and there are some TikTok stars who would do a lot of engagement with their fans and followers to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for entertainment.

And there are also ways to portray a sociable persona not only with your audiences but also by doing collabs with other content creators or simply taking videos of yourself being with friends and other people.

If you think you can display a friendly and approachable personality to both on and behind the camera, then you might want to act naturally and be your sociable self in planning and creating your TikTok videos.

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