Vivo 1726 Full Specifications | Y83 Price in Pakistan

  • October 18, 2022
  • 3 min read
Vivo 1726 Full Specifications | Y83 Price in Pakistan

Some models of Vivo mobiles have become popular than all other brand’s products with the same specifications. The main reason is that affordable price with efficient working even after a lot of time of its releasing. Vivo 1726 model name is one of the most demanding mobile models from the entire collection of mobiles manufactured by Vivo.

In this article, we will guide you about the specification of Vivo Y83 (1726) that will tell you why a lot of people are looking to get this phone in their hands.

Why Vivo 1726 is Becoming Popular?

There are multiple reasons why all Vivo mobiles are getting popular and engaging a huge number of people. First of all, the products designed by Vivo company are economical than many other companies mobiles having same functionalities.

With this property, Vivo mobiles can be used by almost every person on the planet who has a little bit of savings in his pocket. You only have to invest a little bit in this category and you will absolutely get something perfect to use in your hands.

Along with this, Vivo mobiles are not designed with the old technology to make them a time-limited product. But you can easily enjoy this phone throughout your life without having problems. With its latest technology, you can almost use any application available on the internet.

You won’t be restricted from using any app or play any game on all such mobiles especially on Vivo Y83. Therefore, a user will enjoy all the latest apps on his phone by paying a little bit for the purchase of this product. These are the core reasons why people are moving towards Vivo products without having any issues.

Specifications of Vivo 1726

Like all other Vivo mobiles, this specific model has an extensive list of functions that will keep you admiring while using it. First of all, you will get this phone with an amazing screen that has been made wide and long enough to give you a perfect display. With its 6.2 inches screen, you can easily grab this phone in your hands and use it even with a single hand.


The IPS technology used in the LCD of this mobile will show a perfect display of every dot on the screen. With this, you will get a clear view of any picture or video without having any issues like focus. In addition to this, you will also get high resolution on the screen to feel like you are using a mini-cinema to enjoy some movies or films.

Heavy-Duty Battery

To make the phone long-lasting and durable, the manufacturer has adopted different factors. In Vivo 1726, you will find a heavy-duty battery that will keep working for at least 24 hours with a single charge. In this way, you can get your phone charged and use it fearlessly without having doubts regarding battery life.

In addition to this, Vivo Y83 has a gorilla glass to protect the LCD in case of a sudden hit. With this, your phone will be safe even if you have dropped it from a height. To protect your device from the backside, Vivo 1726 has been assembled with quality material.


In short, you will find it a perfect device to use without having fear to be broken by a hit. Last but not least, this phone has enough storage and RAM to make you comfortable while looking to store data or browsing some applications. You can use any application smoothly due to its Android 8.1 version that will not let you face glitches like slow processing and others.

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