What to Know When Writing Anonymously Online

It sounds cool to write and publish content as an anonymous writer. Many people follow this approach, and for a good reason too. The internet is not safe and you have to be careful before you say or do anything online. However, just posting content without using your author’s bio might not be enough. Here I’ve discussed a few things you should know before you start posting content anonymously.

Decide a Pen Name

You might write a series of articles that are linked to each other. You would want to know who wrote this article and the one before. This is why you should consider using a pen name.

There would be no other information except your pen name. This means your readers would know if you publish a follow-up article. Make sure that the pen name doesn’t give any information about yourself.

Every Platform is Not Safe

Not every website is safe just because you didn’t use your original name. There are many other ways to track you. If someone wants to know about you, they will contact the website manager and get that information.

The website manager might say that they don’t share such information, but the right price or pressure can get anything done. This is why you should only publish content on popular and trusted websites like The Doe. They have a strict policy of keeping the identity of their writers a secret no matter how much pressure is put on them.

Don’t Post Without Any Research

Many people think that you can just write anything because no one would know who wrote it. Don’t forget the ethics of writing and always talk with facts and figures. Do proper research so the reader doesn’t feel like he is just reading another theory. A smart person wouldn’t believe anything you say without doing his own research.

You should make that research easy for them by providing proper sources and references. They will also ignore your articles if you have ranted off based on your opinion. Make sure you also don’t try to exaggerate anything. It will not raise emotions; it will only raise doubts. Good websites also don’t publish any articles without first verifying the information.

Use a Proxy and Fake Email

Just your IP address is more than enough to get every information about you. When you connect to a website, they can see your IP address and mac address. This means they can tell where you live and what device you are using. You will also be emailing the website manager to publish your article, which tells a lot about you.

This is why you should use a good reliable VPN and a fake email address. The VPN will hide your location, IP address, and mac address. It can also encrypt your data when sending it through the internet so no one can get any information about you. Likewise, your email address should be unofficial and temporary when sending or receiving emails.

Written by Casey Mcclain

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