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Blockchain technology since 2008 has provided the opportunity to bring about a meaningful change in the world economy, offering a new model for carrying out transactions.

This technology has developed many applications, like this Trading Robot, applicable in companies in general, but its specific application is in economic transactions.

This new platform brings a large number of benefits for companies, to the point that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote jobs have begun to generate where their main requirement is to hire professionals who know how to handle the business applications of the blockchain. In addition, companies have found this platform to carry out economic transactions, which can decentralize information.

The most outstanding applications using blockchain

Finance system; It is the area in which this blockchain technology has to apply the most, where cryptocurrencies are protagonists and have managed to achieve a significant boom in the virtual market. One of the most recognized banks in North America, such as JP MORGAN, has its cryptocurrency, the JPM COIN, which has been an absolute success.

Smart contracts: they are agreements like the traditional ones, where conditions do are establish that both parties agree to comply with, these contracts avoid human intervention in carrying out transactions, this is where the blockchain does its work, which is responsible for processing the information to finalize the operation process.

Digital assets transactions; Internet purchases and sales are now fully available without intermediaries since the blockchain is responsible for verifying whether the buyer has the money for payment and automatically assigns it to the seller.

Provenance; this system recognizes authentic diamonds, pieces of art, and organic food certificates. In addition, this blockchain allows monitoring the life of the products, that is, tracking from its origin to its specific end.

Digital identity; All the industry, person, and organization information can do stored in a blockchain. Third parties do not have access and can only manage by their owner. They apply in digital wallets where all user information is stored.

In addition to the previous applications, many more are leaning towards this blockchain technology since it is a system that provides security and autonomy regarding the protection, consultation, and manipulation of personal and particular information.

The blockchain came to be the possibility of providing growth and development by optimizing processes decentralized, giving great benefit to all those who have implemented this technology.

The blockchain is a significant accounting book that offers us the possibility of storing and managing a lot of information instantly at the required time.

By using and developing these systems in themselves, Cryptocurrencies attributed themselves the best advantage they could have in their career since most large investors and connoisseurs of cryptosystems are inclined towards coins that have this technology for the realization of your operations.


The applications that use this blockchain technology are the most demanded and currently used in the networks, highlighting the economic space with its implementation of cryptocurrencies, which has managed to be very profitable.

They are reaching very significant prices and values ​​in their trajectory, such as Bitcoin, which promises to be the most beneficial and demanded virtual negotiation currency in the coming years.

The blockchain is the best technology that uses a series of mathematical operations to carry out the processes that concern it, delimiting its space so that third parties are not involved.

The cryptocurrencies were the ones who made known the technologies based on blockchain, and little by little, they became accessible and quoted by other applications, which seek the same benefits that the world of finance demands.

Technologies do not stop; day after day, they make innovations that benefit all people in general. The internet, systems, networks, programming, and many other aspects drive success, where blockchain technology or blockchain is one of the essential innovations created.

The banking system most benefited from this tool since its security and agility allow it to support financial processes based on decentralization and economic freedom.

The main characteristics of the virtual economy today have led to the success of cryptocurrencies, positioning themselves as the best and most profitable options for investment, savings, and negotiation in the medium and long term.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the best combinations to make our digital assets an excellent opportunity to grow and earn economically.

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