Friendship Quotes about Laughing (Smile And Laugh Quotes)

  • September 6, 2022
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Friendship Quotes about Laughing (Smile And Laugh Quotes)

Friendship Quotes about Laughing

[Humanity] has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution—these can lift at a colossal humbug—push it a little—weaken it a little, century by century, but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

~ Mark Twain, jokes laughing funny quotes about friends

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.

~ Madeleine L’Engle, quotes about laughing with friends

A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing.

~ Herman Melville
", happiness laughing with friends quotes"

A good laugh is sunshine in the house.

~ William Thackeray, laughing with friends quotes

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

~ Phyllis Diller
Friendship Quotes about Laughing

“A true friend is one who makes you laugh so hard ypou pee a little.”

laughing funny quotes about friends

A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around.

~ Carolyn Birmingham

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

~ Kahlil Gibran

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A well-balanced person is one who finds both sides of an issue laughable. — Herbert Procknow

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand. — Mark Twain

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh. — W. H. Auden

Funny Friendship Quotes

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An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh. — Tom Nansbury

And keep a sense of humor. It doesn’t mean you have to tell jokes. If you can’t think of anything else, when you’re my age, take off your clothes and walk in front of a mirror. I guarantee you’ll get a laugh. — Art Linkletter

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh. — Friedrich Nietzsche

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. — Jean Houston

Cancer is probably the unfunniest thing in the world, but I’m a comedian, and even cancer couldn’t stop me from seeing the humor in what I went through. — Gilda Radner

Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another. — Kenny Ausubel

Earth laughs in flowers. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even the gods love jokes — Plato

Everyone is so afraid of death, but the real Sufis just laugh: nothing tyrannizes their hearts. What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl.” — Mevlana Rumi

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere. — Dr. Seuss

Funny Quotes About Friends

God has a smile on His face. — Psalm 42:5

God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh. — Voltaire

Grim care, moroseness, and anxiety—all this rust of life ought to be scoured off by the oil of mirth. Mirth is God’s medicine. — Henry Ward Beecher

If you wish to glimpse inside a human soul and get to know the man, don’t bother analyzing his ways of being silent, of talking, of weeping, or seeing how much he is moved by noble ideas; you’ll get better results if you just watch him laugh. If he laughs well, he’s a good man…All I claim to know is that laughter is the most reliable gauge of human nature. — Feodor Dostoyevsky

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He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh. — Koran

He that is of a merry heart has a continual feast. — Proverbs 15:15

Funny Quotes About Friends

He who binds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in eternity’s sun rise. — William Blake

He who laughs, lasts! — Mary Pettibone Poole

Humor is a prelude to faith and laughter is the beginning of prayer. — Reinhold Niebuhr

Humor is laughing at what you haven’t got when you ought to have it. — James Langston Hughes

I commend mirth. — Ecclesiastes 8:15

Smile And Laugh Quotes

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I have always felt that laughter in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is and will last until the day when the game is called on account of darkness. In this world, a good time to laugh is any time you can. — Linda Ellerbee

I have not seen anyone dying of laughter, but I know millions who are dying because they are not laughing. – Dr. Madan Kataria

I never would have made it if I could not have laughed. It lifted me momentarily out of this horrible situation, just enough to make it livable. — Viktor Frankl

I was irrevocably betrothed to laughter, the sound of which has always seemed to me to be the most civilized music in the world. — Peter Ustinov

If Laughter cannot solve your problems, it will definitely DISSOLVE your problems; so that you can think clearly what to do about them – Dr. Madan Kataria

If you are happy and people around you are not happy, they will not allow you to stay happy. Therefore much of our happiness depends upon our ability to spread happiness around us. – Dr. Madan Kataria

If you don’t learn to laugh at trouble, you won’t have anything to laugh at when you’re old. — Edgar Watson Howe

If you have no tragedy, you have no comedy. Crying and laughing are the same emotion. If you laugh too hard, you cry. And vice versa. — Sid Caesar

Friendship Laughter Quotes

If you would not be laughed at, be the first to laugh at yourself. — Benjamin Franklin

It is bad to suppress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips. — Fred Allen

It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t fear death’, but to laugh out loud somehow drives the idea home. It embodies our theology. —Rev. Laura Gentry

Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can. — Elsa Maxwell

Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being. —Stella & Blake

Friendship Laughter Quotes

Laughter connects you with people. It’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance or any sense of social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter. Laughter is a force for democracy. — John Cleese

Laughter has no foreign accent. — Paul Lowney

Laughter is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations.” — Norman Cousins

Laughter is a sense of proportion and a power of seeing yourself from the outside. — Zero Mostel

Laughter is God’s hand on the shoulder of a troubled world. — Bettenell Huntznicker

Beautiful Friendship Thoughts

Laughter is the corrective force which prevents us from becoming cranks. — Henri Bergson

Laughter is the foundation of reconciliation. — St. Francis de Sales

I will follow the upward road today; I will keep my face to the light. I will think high thoughts as I go my way; I will do what I know is right. I will look for the flowers by the side of the road; I will laugh and love and be strong. I will try to lighten another’s load this day as I fare along. — Mary S. Edgar

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Laughter is the loaded latency given us by nature as part of our native equipment to break up the stalemates of our lives and urge us on to deeper and more complex forms of knowing. — Jean Houston

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. — Victor Hugo

Laughter lets me relax. It’s the equivalent of taking a deep breath, letting it out and saying, ‘This, too, will pass’. — Odette Pollar

Laughter opens the lungs, and opening the lungs ventilates the spirit. — Unknown

Laughter serves as a blocking agent. Like a bulletproof vest, it may help protect you against the ravages of negative emotions that can assault you in disease. — Norman Cousins

Let us not use bombs and guns to overcome the world. Let us use love and compassion. Peace begins with a smile—smile five times a day at someone you don’t really want to smile at all—do it for peace. So let us radiate peace…and extinguish in the world and in the hearts of all men all hatred and love for power. — Mother Teresa

Let your heart by merry. — Judges 19:6

Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh. – George Bernard Shaw

Best Friend Quotes Laughter

Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can. — Danny Kaye

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Mirth is like a flash of lightning that breaks through a gloom of clouds and glitter for the moment. Cheerfulness keeps up daylight in the mind, filling it with steady and perpetual serenity. — Samuel Johnson

Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy. — Robert Newton Anthony

No matter what your heartache may be, laughing helps you forget it for a few seconds. — Red Skelton

Best Friend Quotes Laughter

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Continue to learn. Play with abandon. Choose with no regret. Laugh! Do what you love. Love as if this is all there is. — Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey

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On average, an infant laughs nearly two hundred times a day; an adult, only twelve. Maybe they are laughing so much because they are looking at us. To be able to preserve joyousness of heart and yet to be concerned in thought: in this way we can determine good fortune and misfortune on earth, and bring to perfection everything on earth. — I Ching

Perhaps I know best why it is man alone who laughs; he alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter. — Frederick W. Nietzche

Prepare for mirth, for mirth becomes a feast. — William Shakespeare

Remember this: very little is needed to make a happy life. — Marcus Aurelius

Smiles are the soul’s kisses. — Minna Thomas Antrim

Funny Friendship Day Quotes

Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil. — Reginald Heber

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. — Voltaire

The beauty of the world has two edges; one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder. — Virginia Woolf

The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up. Mark Twain

The comic and the tragic lie inseparably close, like light and shadow. — Socrates

The greatest prayer you could ever pray is to laugh every day. — Ramtha

The happiness and unhappiness of the rational, social animal depends not on what he feels but on what he does; just as his virtue and vice consist not in feeling but in doing. — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. — Mark Twain

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