30 Funny ‘Mom Memes’ That Any Mom Will Relate To

  • July 5, 2022
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30 Funny ‘Mom Memes’ That Any Mom Will Relate To

They said that birthing the kids will be fun. It can be rewarding to be a mom, but it is complete chaos sometimes. You are not alone mom so don’t worry. For memes continue reading that describe the struggles of motherhood perfectly. 

1. Etsy is just for homemade things

When your child does such work, you question when you could just sell them instead of why you keep them around. 

To make them it took you nine months; accordingly, mark your prices. 

2. “Hold My Hand Please Sweetie”

Children became stubborn, especially when in a crowded place they refuse to hold their hand.

They decide to make you drag them by their hand Instead of cooperating as they continue to put up a fight. 

3. Sweet, Sweet Silence

You are probably giddy inside and hoping that they will go through with it if your child threatens to not speak to you. 

“Oh no, if you don’t speak to me what will I ever do??” 

4. “I Told You To Pick It Up”

When over the toy your child falls then you told them to pick up, and you have to control your laughter. 

Sometimes near the universe, you have a way of teaching children lessons.

5. Human Snack-Holder Or Mom?

Even Beyonce knows for your child the struggle of having to constantly carry around snacks and juice.

You still need to be ready with food and you could be going to the local mall or at a fashion show sitting front row. 

6. Don’t Make Eye Contact

“You were thinking that I was going to fall asleep, didn’t you? Well, mom, guess again.” 

While you are escaping from the room try to look anywhere else.  When they’re sleeping they see you. 

7. To Get A Nice Picture The Struggle 

A child for a picture will make any face they can instead of smiling. 

It is a very rare case that your child you get a nice picture where they are sitting still and smiling. 

8. Is That Candy?!

“Who, who, who has anyone candy?” It’s like from miles away from how sharks can smell a drop of blood; from miles away kids can hear candy wrappers. 

When you have candy, your children also have rights to that candy they totally believe. 

9. Motherhood Makes You Tired

To give birth to kids is like five times a day doing a boot camp workout.

It’s a take-take relationship you gave them life, and they take all your energy.

10. “Don’t Eat, Fine, See What Happens”

Mom, “For lunch what do you want?” Child, ” I want peanut butter and jelly.”No, I don’t want that anymore” “Ten minutes later.” 

Struggling to either find something internally they will be letting them starve or eat.

11. “I Just Want To Sleep Like My Husband”

Who would want that to sleep like a baby is waking up every few hours and crying?

Instead, like your husband you should wish to sleep, which is through all the middle is sleeping off the night changings and feedings. 

12. “MOMMMM”

It is like a right of passage when the first time you hear your child say, mom. At that time you feel happy and grateful internally. 

You never want to hear someone say mom again after a few years. 

13. When It Will End

“Have you ever seen such a dream that you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you want, you- you’ll do, you, you could do so, you could- you, you want, you want them to do you so much you could do anything?”- That’s your child.

Screaming at the top of your lungs internally hoping they will shut up, But you can’t make it stop because also you love them. 

14. “They Don’t Make Noise Anymore What Do You Mean?”

Whoever with annoying sounds invented toys wanted parents to be constantly annoyed. 

You can easily fool them by taking the batteries out and pretending they broke on their own if they are young enough. 

15.  Please No Pictures

It is an art form to finding discrete ways to take pictures of your kids. 

You have to check again that your phone is on silent mode and the flash is off then they won’t ruin the picture. 

16. Remember That One Time?

To find something your children will eat, struggle trying is so difficult. 

It is like a victory that deserves celebration when one time they all agree on something.

17. Twins?!

There is a shoutout to the mothers here that have twins. At once two babies is a ton of work.

Also, you are constantly getting asked the strangest and most personal questions when you have twins. 

18. The Forgotten Coffee

Some people would call this a case of “mommy’s brain,” others would say that it is sleep deprivation. 

Until you become immune to caffeine coffee becomes vital to your daily survival.

19. A Crying Time Bomb

Not to disturb the sleeping baby or else they will wake up and start screaming after you spent what felt like forever trying to get them to sleep so you have to be extremely careful. 

Handle care and run if all else fails. 

20. “I’m On The Edge”

This applies to many other aspects of life and not only to motherhood.

To being a mom, dealing with annoying coworkers, or being a student during finals week this can apply. 

21. Bend Your Knee

Why is it that to let you put on their clothes with ease babies and toddlers refuse? 

WHY? Why they can’t just make your life a little easier?

22. When Someone Asks If You Drink

To have a drink every night is having more than two children is a reason.

You pick your poison either a glass of wine or a glass of vodka. 

23. Please Get Off

When they prefer to use you as a jungle gym then why take your kids to the playground. 

Just forget the expensive playsets that you spend hours setting up; To make your body a place to climb and jump off your children will find a way. 

24. For Both Of Them There Was a Room

There could have been room for everyone, so when your child decides to sleep in your room and they lie down horizontal to take up maximum space, instead of lying the normal way, they decided to be selfish and ruin your sleep. 

25. 2007 Called, It Wants It’s Wardrobe Back

Your body has also changed since you gave birth, not only are none of your clothes in style anymore, and in any of your cute clothes, you don’t fit. 

To go and buy a whole new wardrobe though is a great excuse. 

26. When On A Daily Basis They Change Their Likes And Dislike

When it comes to eating kids can never be simple. You give them food and they don’t like it anymore all of a sudden. 

When you are trying to find food that they like then the frustration is real. 

27. Why She Is Crying

It’s so nice to see that until your children draw you in an insulting way how creative they can be.

To be drawn so angry what did her mom do? 

28. “In Years My First Full Shower”

When you have children than as a mom taking an uninterrupted shower is a rare pleasantry.

The second someone happens to have an issue that can’t wait for even a few minutes when you get into the shower. 

29. “What’s In Your Mouth?”

When you are taking a moment to enjoy a snack your children also feel the need to bother you besides showers. 

When you are having something healthy it never happens. It is only when you are eating chocolate or other junk food that you said they couldn’t eat it is happen at that time. 

30. Being A Mom Is Good

Wouldn’t that be considered sleeping if you pretend to be in a coma? 

Parents never get sleep enough, so it wouldn’t help even faking a coma.

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