Times When Restaurants Served Food So Ridiculous It’s Real To Believe It’s Hard

  • July 6, 2022
  • 13 min read
Times When Restaurants Served Food So Ridiculous It’s Real To Believe It’s Hard

Due to the fierce competition, they face today, restaurants must go above and beyond to stand apart. What can restaurant owners do to distinguish their business? Offering guests something they’ve never seen before, like outrageously presented dishes or beverages that will undoubtedly get them talking, is one method to deal with this. The following meal dishes are some of the most extreme you’ve ever seen.

Dreadful towering tempura

Sticking tempura on long, unsettling, unsteady sticks like this is not one of the many conceivable ways to serve it, in my opinion. Do you desire frightening food? So you’ve got it, then.

In addition, it appears that this restaurant promoted this meal as being cooked with sustainable fish. We find it a little odd to go to all that bother just to serve it on a polystyrene block.

The Alcoholic Bath

These days, extravagant drinks are so widespread that you can find them in any pub. How does this eatery differentiate itself? Consider your options inside the tub and outside it. That’s correct, these cocktails are served in little bathtubs that come complete with rubber ducks as a precaution.

Under any conditions, this tiny masterpiece is NOT how you would typically expect to be served your beverage. Although it may border on the ludicrous, it is unquestionably adorable.

Defend Your Food

Consider receiving your Beef Wellington beside a piece of barbed wire. This serving suggestion looks bad, sounds terrible, and we honestly can’t think of a single good thing about it.

Maybe the owners of the restaurant are vegetarians who wish to discourage you from eating meat? The restaurant’s proprietors may want to close it down and prevent repeat business. In either case, we’re not feeling it.

Challenges to the Salad Concept

Call us stodgy, but we prefer to eat our salads in bowls. And with, I believe, more than four lettuce leaves. Everyone is free to hold their views, but it is evident that this restaurant disagrees with ours based on how they prepare the “Caesar Salad.”

This salad certainly pushes the boundaries of what can be served, as it resembles some sort of dejected and unhappy Christmas tree. Personally, if our order appeared like this, we’d be furious. But there’s no denying that it’s amusing.

The Pie Leaning Tower

It appears that the restaurant proprietors are making dish savings in this instance. They might want to get rid of some extra pie they had lying around or sell two desserts in one. They are involved in something, whatever it may be.

There is absolutely no other reason for why they would serve a pie perched atop a milkshake while acting as if it were commonplace. Simply put, we’re concerned about the system’s stability.

Old chips

Although it can be entertaining, using odd plating alternatives isn’t always effective. Take this as an illustration. Two individual corn chips perched atop a rock? Sincerity dictates that it isn’t working for us.

It’s certainly original, but it also seems silly and feels like going too far. Positively, it might result in less dishwashing.

Box Phone Lunch

This dish raises the bar for lunchboxes significantly. Not merely because of the rice, it has a strongly Japanese flavor. However, if the same lunch were served to us at a restaurant, we would be dissatisfied.

When the customer has finished their meal, how the cardboard box is cleaned. Is this disposed of or is it near an iPhone factory?

Animated Pig

What about pigs on a wire? You’ve probably heard of “pigs in a blanket.” Sure, it’s not quite as catchy, but this bacon was presented to someone at a restaurant. That’s not at all enticing, to be honest.

Our idea of a great night out is not having to wrestle your meat off a wire that, to be honest, has a pointy and potentially lethal end. This is one of those moments when people are simply trying too hard. We’ll be content as long as we get our bacon on toast.

Mucky, messy fun

The restaurant that pours food directly onto patrons’ hands to elicit conversation carries on our subject of eateries that are making every effort to remain relevant

Chocolate is delicious, even when it’s melted. Should we lick it off our hands? Thanks, but no. We don’t believe that when they refer to finger food, they mean this.

Rapid-fire coffee

Before, we had a bathtub; today, we have a toilet bowl. Yes, the coffee at this establishment is served in a tiny toilet. We’ll be honest; it is quite humorous, but we’re not sure whether we’d want to consume it.

Other than the fact that it appears to have been professionally produced, we can’t say anything good about this creation. Consider this: Would you drink anything brown from a toilet bowl?

Paperclip Charcuterie

It’s a good idea to combine work with eating, but this restaurant went too far. It’s not only that the bread, cheese, and sausage are affixed to the clipboard in some way. They are also piled vertically close to one another while standing erect.

That implies extra cardboard is being squeezed into all of that cheese and sausage, which is just plain strange. We won’t have any issues if you simply serve our food to us on a plate in the proper serving container.

Ostentatious royal sausages

Here, we’ll concentrate on the age-old debate over whether sausages should be served with buns or on their own. We’re not sure if this is the answer, so that’s the answer.

This picture of five fat sausages on a nice pillow is beyond absurd. There is no justification for serving food in this manner, and we vehemently reject it.

No Pieces Were Wasted

The fact that a real deer’s antler is being used to serve meat from the same animal is a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. Putting tiny venison chunks on top of an antler is hardly tasteful.

The meat itself is said to have been delicious and it appears to be in good condition in the photo. However, we are not at all fond of the plating. Furthermore, we are not vegetarians.

Horrific Gravy Boat

This gravy is simply being served from a plastic container that looks like it should be holding some sort of chemical cleaner for the bathroom. I apologize for being so direct, but this is what we’re all thinking, and it’s real.

In all honesty, this is a crime against both food and gravy. A gravy boat, or at the very least, a small jug, should be used to pour out the gravy. For crying out loud, give people a chance to appreciate their food.

Eat With My Mouth Open

Do not visit this restaurant in Barcelona if the idea of eating something that someone else is eating from their lips makes you gag. The proprietor decided to serve food on a cast he had made of his mouth.

To be honest, this gives the meal the appearance of being pre-chewed. But we’ll admit that it’s special for him. He does appear to have fairly good dental health, so we’ll give him credit for that as well.

Flat out Pasta

Instead of diners who spend their hard-earned money on a night out, it appears that someone is trying to feed their farm animals with spaghetti.

Here, the chef merely threw food on the table, drizzled the sauce over it, and declared the meal finished. Appetizing? No way. Delicious? We are not even interested in trying it to see.

Hubcap alternatives

At some point, a restaurant must pause and consider whether continuing down the kitschy path of utilizing hubcaps in place of dishes is worthwhile. But this establishment didn’t do that.

Simply using a plate would have sufficed. Yes, it’s somewhat humorous, and yes, it’s rather unique. But it appears soiled and disgusting.

Abominable turd humor

This eatery wanted to present a challenge to its customers. Are they truly famished enough to consume this food?

It goes beyond the pale to serve chocolate truffles shaped like turds on top of a manure fork. It’s pretty funny in a comedic sense. But it still seems disgusting.

For This Cocktail, safety comes first.

Guys, don’t worry; your cocktail is quite securely stored at this establishment. The cocktail cannot possibly fly away in any way. You can now relax because we are aware that is what you were all concerned about.

But seriously, why the cage? What justifies this need? Does give the scene a slightly nefarious feel, though.

Today, no rust, thank you.

The customer who snapped the following picture was incensed after receiving nachos at a posh four-star hotel atop a rusty trash can lid. The hotel believed they were being creative and unique.

The client felt differently. Who would want to eat from a rusted trash can?

Bathtime beverages

Do you prefer your cocktails with or without rubber ducks? This is a significant topic. It turns out that this is a current trend.

However, this restaurant won’t hold off till you respond. Your cocktail will be served to you in a bathtub filled with bubbles and three rubber ducks. Are you awestruck? How else could you be?

Building Of Dreams

Don’t try to deny it; you know that this is the true staircase to paradise.

Steps to paradise and pizza? Please, yes. Even though this is pointless and ridiculous, pizza is still the best food ever.

Served Sitting

Yes, you can also be seated, but that is not the main point at hand. It’s crucial that the potato feels at ease.

Perhaps this little potato had a difficult day and was eager to rest. It’s a shame that it lacks any.

Lost in Translation

People who identify as vegetarians or vegans typically avoid eating animal products. So why is this restaurant’s vegetarian dish presented within a sea creature’s shell?

We gotta say, you’re missing the point here. But at least this appears palatable in comparison to the other items on the list.

This Is For You

Sincerely, we have no idea what this is intended to represent. Is this something you can eat? Are these garnishes? Is it a joke?

This was given to a paying patron at a restaurant. Perhaps they once called in to order a pizza?

Scratched Pasta

Now, this appears to be the leftovers from a meal rather than the meal itself. And it doesn’t even seem like the person who consumed this was having fun.

However, this establishment persisted; perhaps they were hoping for a scene from “Lady and the Tramp” when the mouths meet in the center. any longer even knows.

Utilize Not Waste

If you weren’t a vegetarian before, you might convert after seeing this. This seems like a murder spree.

Whoever thought this was a good idea, hygienic, or sanitary is not known to us, but we are here to tell you that it is not.

The entire kitchen sink and more

This communal appetizer that was served in a sink only serves as evidence that everything is possible.

In some ways, it’s so absurd that it’s gone full circle and become hip once more.

The use of VHS

People must find a use for VHS tapes because they are no longer useful or necessary.

To revive them, this eatery chose to use them as plates. It simply appears dirty to us.

Take Care in Your Selection

This food should not be served on a platter of rocks because if you bite into one by accident, the results won’t be beautiful.

If the owner of this restaurant enjoys being sued or if he or she just so happens to be a dentist, we wonder.

Simply Unutterable

There is no polite way to say it, but this seems like a practical joke gone wrong.

Anyone who finds this method of jello consumption enjoyable is problematic. We have nothing further to say. We assume that neither do you.

In the Name of the Grape, halt

This duo was eager to taste the restaurant’s grape popsicles when they learned about their availability. Who would not? Popsicles with grapes seem delectable.

However, they weren’t impressed when the dessert showed up. Frozen grapes on kebab sticks—three grapes total. The grapes weren’t even de-seeded, which is another thing. What a slight.

What Not To Do When Serving Spaghetti

Serving spaghetti this way is improper. How difficult is it to realize that spaghetti needs to be placed on a plate? How is this even supposed to be consumed?

Perhaps that is how; a fork and spoon are shown in the image. But we wouldn’t know where to begin. What a disaster!

We’ll Need A Larger Pan.

The fact that the frozen dessert is served in a skillet designed for hot dishes isn’t the only issue. Even if that’s a strange thought, it’s not the end of the world. Ideally, the pan would be the right size.

What a waste of chocolate sauce, spilling from this tiny pan all over the place. Even the photographer of this image claimed that they ended up with some dripping on their lap. A nightmare indeed!

This Must Be A Joke, Right?

There is no way this could have been served at a real restaurant. In all honesty, it appears to have just been taken out of a garbage can. We are not awestruck.

We must admit that this appears dangerous. There is no way we would stay there if this was truly served to us in a restaurant and we had to pay for it. No way.

The dishwasher has all of the cups, right?

We sometimes have to use other vessels to drink from when we don’t have any clean cups, such as jars or, in the worst-case scenario, a bowl. Without a doubt, neither a plastic bag nor in a restaurant.

We’ll be honest: when we’re trying to enjoy our drink, the thought of a cocktail in a bag makes us think of the way people purchase goldfish at the pet store. We simply wish it hadn’t cost so much.

Humorous, but no

We understand now; cheese, mice, and mousetrap. First off, do you think calling your diners “mice” is offensive? Second, even if the joke is somewhat relevant, take a closer look at the condition of that trap.

We’re supposed to eat from rusted metal? Not at all. Was this item ever used, too? Because it would be considerably grosser if a mouse had ever actually been present near that object.


When the dishes aren’t done

Here is yet another excellent illustration of not doing the dishes. It’s more of a “when you haven’t done the dishes AND have no food in the house” situation in this instance. No to eating from a wine glass.

the actual food? boxed mac and cheese with turkey dinosaurs. No respectable restaurant could serve this. The idea of dining out is being insulted by this.

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