How To Preserve The Life Of Wooden Gates

  • October 17, 2022
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How To Preserve The Life Of Wooden Gates

Maintaining the appearance and longevity of your wooden gates does not have to be a difficult effort if you follow a few simple procedures. Consistency is crucial, and if you follow these maintenance guidelines on a regular basis, your woodengates will last much longer.

After the surface of a new woodengate has been finished, the hardware has been installed, and the installation has been done, a regular maintenance program should begin. This is not a difficult or time-consuming procedure.

How Often Should You Tune Up Your Wooden Gates?

A woodengate is often subjected to weathering and intensive use, necessitating routine maintenance. Any finish will eventually wear away, and this will usually be in an uneven manner. It is suggested that the maintenance be done in the spring.

What Should I Look For When Purchasing Wood Gates?

Splits, cracked finishes, loose nails or screws, fading of the finish, and so on should all be checked on the woodengate. Most years, all that is required is a little spot correction of the finish and tightening of the fastenings.

When Should You Maintain Your Big Wood Gate?

A quick sanding of the area and a coat or two of paint or stain should enough to recoat the spots that have worn down or begun to crack. However, every five to seven years, a thorough cleaning and sanding of the wood before repainting or re-staining will extend the life of the gate.

The Most Common Error In Maintenance

It is not suggested to paint or stain an area without first washing and sanding it, since this could result in even more damage to the gate. Water can get into the wood itself through bare wood or a cracked painted surface, which is a tremendous invitation for microorganisms or termites that are harmful to the wood.The wood is kept from rotting by sanding the area that needs repair and allowing it to cure before refinishing. Place a sheet of cardboard, plastic, or canvas under the gate to avoid drips, just as you would when painting or staining a new wooden gate.

Restoration Of A Wooden Gate

As long as the gates aren’t decaying and breaking apart, old woodengates that have gone grey or silver over time can usually be restored. To give ancient wooden garden gates a fresh lease on life, follow these simple steps.

  • Remove any old paint or varnish coatings with a paint remover or sandpaper.
  • Use a mold and mildew cleanser to get rid of any green or black spots.
  • Use a wood reviver and restorer and scrub it into the surface of the wood grain with a stiff brush or scotch pad to restore the color of wood that has become grey or silver over time.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations while rinsing off the wood reviver with water.
  • Apply a good external wood preservative to the gate, keeping in mind that the preservative must be wax, oil, and silicon free if the gate is to be painted or treated with a water-based treatment.
  • Apply an outside wood oil, decking oil, exterior wood stain, or paint in a clear or colored finish.

The woodengate will last for many years if protective precautions are implemented. Maintaining the longevity of your wooden gate will save you money in the long term.

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