Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Green Energy Electricity

  • October 18, 2022
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Green Energy Electricity

Australia generates energy from various sources, including coal power plants and renewable sources such as solar and wind. And if you compare electricity rates at Econnex, you will realize green energy power generated is cheaper.

Coal-generated electricity is the leading contributor to Australian electricity. Still, this type of electricity generation has been criticized for being harmful to air quality and contributing greenhouse gasses to warming up the planet.

To improve environmental protection and minimize global warming, many people have expressed a desire to switch from coal-generated electricity to green energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Many of the benefits you can expect by switching to green energy-generated electricity include supporting environmental protection, saving money on energy costs, and improving your overall health.

This article will parse through how exactly to switch to green energy-generated electricity and why it is worth it for you and everyone else!

What Is Green Energy Power Generation?

Green energy-generated electricity refers to the supply of power using environmentally friendly methods.

The primary forms of green energy are wind, solar, and hydroelectricity. Using these renewable sources helps minimize CO2 emissions and the effects of climate change while also reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Green power is available in Australia by sourcing 100% certified green power or sourcing a portion of your energy from these forms of production.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Energy?

Switching to green energy-generated electricity will be beneficial in many ways. You can expect to support environmental protection by moving away from coal-generated power plants.  This type creates greenhouse gasses that contribute to air pollution and the global warming effect.

Another benefit of switching to green energy-generated electricity will save you money on your energy costs. Many renewable sources of power generation are accessible, and others can be affordable compared to coal-generated electricity.

The only drawback to using renewable power plants is the initial investment needed to build them; however, this expense will quickly pay off cheaper monthly bills.

The other benefit of switching to sustainably generated electricity is that it will improve your health. Many coal power plants release toxic chemicals into the air, which are harmful to breathe in, especially for people with asthma or heart problems.

You also get rebates if you install solar panels in your homes.

How Do I Switch To Green Energy Electricity?

If you want to switch to green energy-generated electricity, first contact your local utility company.

Your power company should provide information about the availability of solar and wind power in your area. Further, it will inform you whether or not you can expect a monthly fee associated with using these alternative power sources and any incentives you may receive.

Once you have all of this information from your power company, it is a good idea to compare electricity charges available in your area to find the best fit for your needs.

The availability of green energy-generated electricity in your area should make choosing which plan is best for you more straightforward.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Green Energy Generated Electricity In Australia?

The price for green energy is usually slightly higher than that of traditional gas or coal-powered electricity. If you do not mind paying a little extra, switching to greener electricity can be done for a more affordable price.

What if you are concerned about the increased costs of using greener energy. In that case, you may choose to purchase green power on top of what your supplier already provides without disconnecting from your existing service.


Switching to green energy power production will help to minimize environmental pollution and global warming. You can tap on renewable energy sources by installing panels at your home.

While minimizing environmental degradation, it will help you save on monthly bills and receive rebates.

Many people are now transitioning towards clean and renewable sources of energy which is suitable for everyone!

You can help create a better future by switching your provider today.

To make an informed decision, Compare electricity prices at Econnex.

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