These spectacular Satellite Images Show the Rare Side of Iconic Places

  • July 5, 2022
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These spectacular Satellite Images Show the Rare Side of Iconic Places

Nowadays, you’ll be able to travel all across the world, witness incredible sites, and knowledge different cultures. Yet one thing most people do not get the chance to try and do is to look at all of those things from above – and that we mean really observe, not just catch a glimpse of a city landscape because the airplane lands. But due to modern photography, we are able to re-experience iconic landmarks and Mother Nature’s gifts from a special perspective. So prepare to determine our world during a new light as we take a virtual magic carpet ride.

Meet the woman of the North

Its name is Northumberlandia, but it’s also known as “Lady of the North”. This is a powerful piece of garden work. You will want to form sure you do not have any people under the age of 18 with you, seeing because the view can get get a touch rated-R sometimes. This pretty attractive garners over 200 thousand yearly visitors.

This must’ve taken ages to style

This structure of 16 streets meeting within the middle could seem familiar to some; that’s because it is homage to the Italian town of Palmanova, to which it owes its design. only possible to actually appreciate this architectural feat after you observe it from above. That, to us, just makes this accomplishment that way more unique and breathtaking.

Hoover Dam is simply as cool From Above

It seems as if this place’s vibe becomes that far more special and unique as time marches on. So why not take this as a reminder to jaunt artificial lake and take a look at dam together with your own two eyes? What’s to not like about an Arizona road trip?

We Would’ve Never Guessed this is often the Everglades

What Everglades parkland is thought for, apart from its angry tree branches, is one in every of the foremost extensive and eclectic wildlife populations within the entire u. s. of America. Once you examine this photograph from top to bottom, it’s like those squiggly things are tree branches. Not only that, but it also looks like those tree branches have gotten redder and angrier as you go down

Bet You’ve Never Seen urban center Like This, Have You?

It’s funny how people can sleep in one place for tens of years, perhaps their entire lives, and never actually thoroughly study their living grounds from all angles. Before we had drones and airplanes and expensive cameras, it absolutely was just about impossible to induce a view like this unless you hiked up to a close-by mountain, if there even was one. Thankfully, the arrival of contemporary photography has allowed us to enjoy this view.

Yeah, this can be a true Place

Okay, so we’re not visiting lie. Our first thought after we saw this photograph for the primary time was: “Yeah, no way that’s real.” Then, finally, once we made peace with reality and accepted that this photograph was indeed genuine, we immediately thought that it had to be an image of some reasonably micro-organism as seen from under a microscope. But no, this can be just an area in Hong Kong.

Boy, China Really Likes Canola

Those canola fields are quite expansive, if we do say so ourselves. Like, they’re with great care huge. We wonder what proportion oil you’ll fathom of the full patch. Now, we’ve never even thought to ourselves how large the canola fields of the planet must be for there to be such a lot oil within the world, but now we all know, and that we won’t forget this.

How Did they create It So Neat?

we’re unsure who designed this place, but we’re pretty sure whoever did it had been quite obsessive about symmetry and organization and other visual fixations. there’s absolutely no denying that.Now, you’re probably wondering to yourselves: what even is that this place pictured within the photograph? Well, rest assured, we have you covered – this is often the Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ohio.

This Is Where Dragons Live

What this place really is, though, is Kawah Ijen, a famous strata volcano located within the East Java province of Indonesia. This also implies that dragons are Indonesian in descent. Just study that steaming lake within the middle. Yeah, now way a human’s dipping his toes in one amongst those without suffering the repercussions. In short, this can be the last word place to travel dragon spotting.

European Cities Are Just Built Different

I guess no other American city could look so good when captured from above. No offense, it’s just that European cities are actually built differently for a few reasons. Europeans didn’t opt for the entire grid urban design thing and just reasonably went for weird, wacky, zany shapes instead. This is often great when you are taking photographs from above. it is a bit more troublesome when you’re trying to navigate town as a tourist.

Who Knew Flower Fields Were Even Prettier From Above

That’s just how pretty and neat this stuff are, and you’ll definitely see the accuracy and dedication with which these fields were grown after you take a look at them from above. who knew that flower fields were even as pretty from above? This photograph of the Tulip Fields within the Netherlands proves just that. It’s as if they were simulated into reality. Who knew that flower fields were even as pretty from above? This photograph of the Tulip Fields within the Netherlands proves just that. It’s as if they were simulated into reality.

Isn’t it look like Ants

There is this one video that has been circulating all round the internet for quite an while now. The video portray an iPhone lying on its back with the screen facing the camera right next to a bunch of ants going about their daily ant business. Then, suddenly, the phone begins to ring, and also the ants all begin to orbit the phone as if they were possessed by some magical cult spell.

No, this is not the New Matrix. Just A Satellite Picture

This is actually just a satellite photo of a district within the Netherlands, which is crazy, on condition that we thought Netherlands was composed of strictly canals and flower fields. It cannot be just us that thought of the famous movie series after we first saw this picture, can it? Truth be told, it probably can. We just love The Matrix.

Who Transported These Houses to the 5th Dimension?

it is a true place in our world that anybody folks could actually visit if we wanted to. the sole problem is, it’s in France. More specifically, this photograph could be a top-down view of Sisteron, which is found in Southeastern France. we will only imagine how this town looks at ground level. It must be truly beautiful.

There’s No Place just like the Land Down Under

Now, this spectacular view, as photographed from above, may seem like a flower upon some alien land, but it is not – it’s just Earth. Well, more specifically, what we’re seeing during this satellite photograph right here may be a bird’s-eye view of Willie Creek, Australian state. Located approximately 17 kilometers to the North of Broome (another more recognized place in Australia), this place is thought for its intricate pearl jewels and such.

French Birds Get One Heck of a View

It’s no secret that France could be a beautiful country when it involves architecture and its views. And who knew that from a bird’s-eye view, it’s even as beautiful. The photo below shows the complexity and detail that went into designing Paris, a city that then inspired urban design everywhere the globe, including within the u. s. capitol of Washington, D.C. discuss being an enormous deal!

One of These Rivers is unquestionably Dirtier than the opposite

While we all know that nature does add mysterious ways which not everything includes a good explanation, we’re pretty sure that there is a reason why these twin rivers seem so different.

Whoever Did This Puzzle Got It All Wrong

Look, we’re not trying to dunk on anyone here. We’re sure whoever tried to unravel this puzzle had the most effective intentions and is perhaps a awfully talented and intelligent person. They did amazing job with this puzzle piece right here. Just take a look at all those disparate pieces. they don’t seem to be forming a coherent image in the least. This is not how puzzles should be. Wait, what does one mean this is not a puzzle?

How An Airshow Looks to A Pilot

Now, just about all people have seen an air show or something along those lines, whether it had been personally, on TV, or on the web. But what we’ve never thought of is how the people performing the airshow, as within the pilots, witnessed the airshow themselves. While we were looking up at them, they were looking down on us. we have to mention that the airshow looks pretty cool from the pilot’s point of view, too.

Venice From Above

On a turnabout, this also looks lots sort of a kangaroo. But this is not Patrick nor a kangaroo; this is often the famous Italian island of Venice. Yeah, you know the place with all the cool canals everywhere. It is definitely a location worth visiting.

Not All Lightbulbs Were Created Equal

No, this is not a map of the celebrities taken by some quite futuristic telescope that costs quite the accumulative wealth of half the population of the u. s. that only NASA has access to; it’s just a satellite picture of the nice city of London. What’s truly cool about this image is how you’ll spot the various styles of lights which vary in brightness that are scattered all across town.

Are Those… Spiders?

These  wonderful 3D paintings were painted onto the roof of the Seattle Center in Armory, Washington. The spiders themselves were the work of mural painter Marlin Peterson, bless his spider-loving soul.

Imagine This Was Your Drive to figure

This spectacular view we’re all getting the pleasure to feast our eyes upon is none aside from Valhalla Dam, New York. Now, this definitely isn’t your average view, not in the big apple nor anywhere else. What’s truly amazing about this view is simply how natural and oceanic it’s. Like, imagine driving across that long bridge on your thanks to work. It must be nothing wanting a serene experience.

This possesses to Be an Abstract Painting

Somehow, this is not a painting. Yeah, looking for that this wasn’t drawn on a canvas with oil paints definitely took us unexpectedly too. What this is often, surprisingly, may be a top-down photograph of Roebuck Bay, located in Australian state, which seems to be a major location for zany natural landmarks. Yeah, all those weird markings are just the way this ocean shore looks when photographed from above.

Scratch That, this is often Where Dragons Live

Okay, forget that other place we mentioned once we talked about dragons and their habitats. this can be definitely where they’d live if they existed. Seriously, what’s even happening here? This habitat looks inhospitable even to the foremost hard-boiled and hard species. It should be general knowledge by now that scary purple things in nature are just about always bad news. We wouldn’t go anywhere near this place if we were you.

Pretty Psychedelic

No, this is not some quite painting inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gough and other modern artists; this is often just a satellite picture of Algeria. Well, to be more specific, we are talking about the Algerian a part of the good desert. This region is understood for its dry climates and may go without rain for long periods. For that reason, it absolutely was given the nickname: the “Triangle of fireside.”

What on Earth Are Those Tentacles

No, seriously. This can not be a true place. It just can’t. consider it. This thing appears like some reasonably 3D CGI nightmare, like some reasonably thing you’d see at a digital exposition where all those young, hipster artists showcase their skills in 3D animations of eerie and crystalized creatures. Okay, which may are an obscure reference, but we’re pretty sure the purpose got across anyhow.

This Washington Terminal Is Heaven for Neat Freaks

It’s impossible to not appreciate just how organized everything during this photograph is. the very fact that this can be an image of a container terminal in Washington makes it that rather more impressive. those that appreciate cleanliness are guaranteed to get a kick out of this picture

That cannot be Good

What this photograph is depicting is none aside from the Camp Fire in Northern California, which, for people who were living under a rock for the past few years, was the deadliest wildfire in Californian history and therefore the second deadliest wildfire within the history of the us. Just watching it from above is enough to offer us the chills.

Looks Like A Rabbit to Us

Look, we’re pretty sure there are some very interesting things we could mention about this photograph. Things just like the location of this place, the way this place took shape over the years, the geographical and human factors that led to the present happening, but we’re just visiting discuss how this island quite feels like a rabbit to us. are you able to really blame us, though? The resemblance is uncanny.

A City fabricated from Greenhouses

These greenhouses are definitely one in all a sort. There are probably only a few areas within the world that appear as if this, which makes it the proper place to photograph from above. In Almeria, Spain, a hefty load of greenhouses were bunched together. This is an image taken from above. 

These Guys Made a Pool within the Shape of a opener

Whatever that body of water is technically called, those colorful crates really look nice when they’re photographed from above. Like most of the places during this article, this picture was taken in Australia. The place is termed Swanson Dock, a multinational shipping facility renowned across the entire world.

Only the Brave Venture Here

This photograph, surprisingly, is an aerial picture of none apart from Antarctica. Well, technically, it is a photograph of Mcmurdo Station, which is found in Antarctica. Mcmurdo Station is one in every of those Arctic research centers that folks move to so as to review snow and icebergs and other nerdy meteorological phenomena. Truth be told, as far as a life dedicated to science goes, living in Antarctica does sound reasonably cool to us.

This Kind of sounds like a Face and therefore the River Is Its Moustache

Thankfully, this is not some reasonably geographical formation that morphed into the Pringles man or something like that. This is often just an aerial photograph of town of Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The Russian-Georgian Border Is Pretty Wild

The way different rock formations actually form is really incredible, too; it’s all about chemicals and minerals and long, natural processes that occur throughout hundreds, if not thousands of years. Now imagine a whole formation of rocks; that has to be compelled to be overwhelmingly cool. The way they twist and contort and every one that, you cannot say that won’t cool.

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