Simple DIY Solutions That Will Simplify Life at Home

  • July 7, 2022
  • 12 min read
Simple DIY Solutions That Will Simplify Life at Home

We are aware of how intimidating some household chores can be, so trust us. We’ve all experienced the circumstance where a tiny activity needs to be completed but isn’t very urgent. As a result, we put it off till later… and then a little later… and before you know it, the small project has grown into a massive undertaking. We are here to permanently solve this issue, so let’s get started. Follow these simple DIY ideas for fixing issues around your home instead of letting these little duties grow into a huge burden, and you won’t ever feel stressed out by little domestic chores again.

Putting Covers Over Nail Holes

The picture had a great appearance when it was hung on the wall, but when it is taken down, it leaves behind a few tiny nail holes in the wall that we are unable to repair. You can easily fix this by spackling the hole with premixed spackling and then smoothing it out with a putty knife. Don’t worry about it. The wall will look better than ever after applying a fresh coat of paint over the top of the hole with a small sanding sponge to make it look like the rest of the wall.


  • Difficult Locks

Nothing quite compares to that terrifying moment when you try to open the front door but it won’t budge. You shouldn’t be dealing with a sticky lock where the key won’t turn properly. You only need some powdered graphite, which is simple to acquire online, to solve this common household issue. You can insert the tiny tube that comes in through the keyhole to avoid that terrifying moment when you wonder if you’re locked out.


Reduced Water Pressure

We believe that no one should be taking a shower with low water pressure since we should at least have the luxury of a powerful shower. Therefore, if you are having trouble with this problem, there is a simple cure. Locate the pressure-lowering valve, which should be close to the home’s main water line entrance. This valve’s bolt is turned clockwise, and presto! There will be an increase in water pressure.


A drippy tap

We have the ideal solution if your faucet continues to drip water even after it is turned off. Because we are aware of how irritating the drip can be, you should experiment with the handle rather than trying to ignore it. The faucet’s o-ring, which is where the water emerges from, needs to be replaced because the tap is likely old. This is a simple process that only entails removing the old faucet and then reinserting it.

Blocked Drain

Because of clogged drains, water cannot exit the sink, shower, or bathtub as quickly as it should. You may easily repair this by ordering a drain cleaning tool online. It is a reusable, inexpensive instrument that only needs a few drops to unclog a drain. Additionally, you will get a great sense of accomplishment after clearing the obstruction from the drain by yourself.


  • Noisy Doors

Squeaky doors—how annoying are they? Well, you no longer need to cope with this. There is a quick, do-it-yourself solution to lubricate your door and stop the bothersome noise. Most people first think to use WD-40 metal spray, however, a silicone spray works better because it doesn’t smell as strongly and keeps the door from squeaking for longer.



Sticky Windows 

Last but not least, windows that are difficult to open and are sticky might be a nuisance. This might have happened due to how the paint around the ledge dried. Simply take a putty knife and carefully pry it around the window to remove any sticky points to combat this. If necessary, you can additionally unlock the window by hammering the knife’s tip into any remaining difficult areas.


Easy DIY Home Improvements That Will Make Your Life Better

Use coffee to clear a clogged drain.

For a caffeine boost in the morning, use freshly ground coffee.

There is a simple fix for plumbing problems that don’t require a trip to the shop, whether your kitchen sink is overflowing or your tub won’t drain after another at-home haircut.

According to Alex Azoury, the creator and CEO of Home Grounds, coffee grounds can be used to unclog drains when combined with dish soap and hot water. Azoury advises combining the coffee grounds with the soap and pouring the mixture down the drain. The combination of these two methods should dislodge any obstructions in your pipes. However, make sure you are aware of these.

Some Ways You’re Damaging Your Home, According to Your Plumber, before you commit a costly error.

Degrease with coffee grounds.

Have any coffee grounds left over from your morning pour-over? Utilize them to remove the tub ring.

To carefully buff out any residue, rub some coffee grounds into the grease or soap, advises Azoury. After that, simply rinse the mixture with warm water to finish. a spotless bathtub.

Apply aromatic oils to furniture to polish it.

Women dusting furniture; dangerous items in house

Lack of available furniture polish No issue!

Jane Wilson of Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne claims that essential oils are excellent for reviving wooden furniture.

“You may swiftly polish any dark wood and thoroughly remove stains and marks using the lemon essential oil,” Wilson adds that tea tree oil is an additional powerful furniture polish that has the added advantage of keeping bugs away. She does, however, provide a warning about utilizing this technique with food preparation surfaces because many essential oils are not suitable for eating. cleaning up your area? What Your Favorite Disinfectant Kills Coronavirus in How Long.

Use toothpaste to fix minor furniture dings.

We all occasionally end up with little dings in the furniture finishes. However, try using some toothpaste to remove those marks before spending hundreds of dollars to have your couch refinished. Rub the scrape in a circular motion with a pea-sized amount of non-gel paste until it rubs out, and then wipe off the remaining product with a damp towel.

Use ice cubes to scrape candle wax off of furnishings.

Never attempt to remove candle wax from furniture by scraping at it because you run the risk of damaging the finish. Instead, place ice cubes in a plastic bag and place them over the wax. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. You can take up the wax with ease after it has suitably cooled and solidified without destroying the gloss or fabric of your furniture.

And use a steam iron to remove it off the carpet.

Has hot wax gotten on your shaggy carpet? No issue! Simply place a paper bag over the wax and use a steam iron to lightly press the area. The wax will be lifted from the carpet by the steam and drawn to the bag instead.

To remove crayon stains from the walls, use a hairdryer.

There is still hope if your children enjoy using your white walls as their crayon canvas. Simply use a hairdryer to briefly warm the affected area of the wall to dissolve the crayon’s wax, and then use a soft cloth to wipe away any stains.

To get rid of sticky label residue, use cooking oil.

Anyone who has ever taken a label off of a jar understands how annoying it can be when the area is still extremely sticky. Thankfully, cooking oil makes getting rid of that residue as simple as pie. Rub the sticky area with a cotton pad and some cooking oil, then let it sit for a while. Once the oil has penetrated, it will be simple to wipe away.

Use vinegar to eliminate microwave odors.

There is a quick and non-abrasive technique to clean and deodorize your microwave if it smells less than fresh. Simply microwave a cup of vinegar for about five minutes, then wipe everything down, advises Wilson.

Alternatively, use it to clean surfaces of streaks.

Replace your typical ammonia-based cleaning solution with white vinegar to get rid of those streaky mirrors and windows. Spray the area with a brief solution of cold water and white vinegar, then wipe the surface with a fresh microfiber towel.

To clean your blinds, use tongs covered in a cloth.

You’re having trouble removing all the dust off your blinds, are you? To get them spotlessly clean, you only need a few things from your house. You can make your very own DIY duster by simply wrapping dishcloths over each side of a pair of tongs and fastening them with elastic bands.

Put a hefty object in the tank of your toilet to reduce the amount of water it uses.

Is the cost of your water bill obscenely high? The issue can be a toilet tank that is too full. Put a brick or other heavy object inside the tank to help with cost reduction. This will help you use less water per flush by displacing at least a few glasses of water.

Use mouthwash to clean the toilet bowl.

Grab your mouthwash instead of going to the store to get yet another pricey and needless cleaning product when your toilet bowl needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Just dispense one capful of the substance into your toilet bowl, and then wait 30 minutes. Any grime will readily fall off the bowl when you’re ready to scrub it.

Use a clothespin to keep your toothbrush off the grimy counter.

You should never leave your toothbrush on the bathroom counter since it is covered in germs. A clothespin works just as well to hold up your toothbrush far from all the bacteria if you don’t want to spend money on a whole bunch of new bathroom items.

Store toiletries on a second shower rod.

Hang up your sponges, loofahs, and other smaller products rather than allowing them to collect moisture in your damp shower and inevitably turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent those shower materials from becoming soggy, all you need to do is add a second tension rod to your shower and hang some mesh bags on S-hooks. It’s one of those straightforward DIY house hacks that ultimately help you save time and money!

To prevent misuse, secure a rubber band around the neck of a soap dispenser.

This tip will help you save a ton of money if you have young children who believe that every handwashing should involve a cup of soap. You may get the right amount of soap with each pump and avoid using up an entire bottle of soap each week by wrapping a rubber band around the neck of a soap dispenser.

Use a Magic Eraser to clean a filthy ceramic cooktop.

Although ceramic cooktops might appear like a practical substitute for gas ranges, they are not necessarily simpler to clean. Thankfully, a Magic Eraser can save the day. With just a few swipes, this scratchy sponge can get rid of those caked-on messes without causing any harm to your cooking surface.

Use a magnetic rack to organize your spice cabinet.

Your spice cabinet certainly needs some major organization if you’re like most people. Thankfully, a magnetic spice rack may accomplish two goals at once by improving the organization of your spice collection and providing you with something to hang on your fridge other than bills and shopping lists. What could be better than something functional and decorative?

Use Alka-Seltzer tablets to clean a pan.

Is your supper disaster sticking to your pan? Put an Alka-Seltzer tablet inside, then add hot water and allow it to sit. That mess ought to be simple to clean up in about fifteen minutes.

Use LED stick-on lights to illuminate dark cabinets.

Use some LED lights to provide some brightness if your kitchen is darker than you would like. A few inexpensive stick-on LEDs can assist illuminate your counters and cabinets in place of expensive under-cabinet lighting.

Use dish soap to clean your blender.

Anyone who has ever tried to clean a blender knows how dangerous it may be to do so. In the end, all you’re doing is dipping your palm into a bowl of knives and crossing your fingers. Thank goodness, cleaning your blender after making a smoothie or shake is now safer and easier. Two cups of warm water and a little dish soap should be added to the machine, and you should blend until the filth is gone.

Use a silverware tray to organize the items you need for the bathroom.

Trays for silverware are useful for more than just forks, spoons, and knives. These useful items can also be used in the bathroom to store and arrange all of your necessities, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, and mascara tubes.

To keep a fitted sheet in place, use suspenders.

Look no further than your closet for a simple solution if you notice that your fitted sheets are slipping off the corners of your bed. The sheet will remain in place for sure if you take a pair of elastic suspenders and clip one end to each corner under the mattress.

To prevent bags from sticking, drill a hole in the bottom of your garbage can.

Few things are more annoying than attempting to remove a waste bag from the trash can only to discover that it is clinging on for dear life. Thankfully, removing the vacuum-like seal that frequently causes the bags to stick only requires drilling a small hole in the bottom of your garbage can.

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